According to the size of a corporation the need for a dedicated booking tool will be greater or smaller, more focused on one or another feature, but all can benefit  from the always and everywhere available service we have to offer.

Free of charge

  • no registration, nor access fee for corporates

Corporate registered

  • corporate is recognised as such

  • information is password protected and can so be personalised

  • own passenger profiles

  • reports/summaries available

Availability of fares

  • guarantee of access to lowest fares of Brussels Airlines

  • possibility of corporate, special fares

Always accessible

  • independent from office hours

  • independent from location

Booking made simple

  • easy and quick search for best deal with selection of flights and dates offered by system, speeding up the sales process

  • easy search based on age of passenger(s)

  • no training needed enabling less experienced staff to perform at a high level


The Brussels Airlines Service Centre, the sales back office, the entire sales team stay at disposal for support.

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