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Italy offers an exciting mix of arts, culture and cuisine. Thousands of tourists visit Italy every year to explore its many histroric cities, stylish beaches, magnificent galleries and astonishing architecture. Italy has something to offer for everyone. A sunny, Mediterranean climate and unrivalled landscapes make holidays in Italy endlessly appealing.

  • Bologna

    Bologna, the capital of the Emilia-Romagna region, is situated in the north of Italy and is well known for its large number of churches, cathedrals and museums.

    Discover Bologna >
  • Catania

    Located on the Ionian Sea, in the shadow of Mount Etna, Catania’s history is closely linked to the volcano.

    Discover Catania >
  • Florence

    Florence was the birthplace of Renaissance art, as can be seen from every church, statue and monument. Florence is one big open-air museum.

    Discover Florence >
  • Milan

    The 'haute couture' city of Milan is one of Italy’s wealthiest cities. Wide boulevards will give you a sample of its riches.

    Discover Milan >
  • Naples

    Naples is a busy, lively city with wide avenues, narrow alleys, beautiful historical buildings and a magnificent bay.

    Discover Naples >
  • Olbia

    Olbia is located in northeastern Sardinia, a beautiful Italian island, and was called “the happy city”, by the Greeks.

    Discover Olbia >
  • Palermo

    Palermo is the capital of the region of Sicily. It has known the domination of the Romans, the Arabs, the Normans, the Spanish. Mixing the remains of the old civilisations such as churches covered by Arabic cupolas, colourful open air markets, narrow dusty streets and baroque palaces, Palermo has become a city of contrasts: a mixture of Christian faith, pagan superstitions and a curious heritage of the Muslim medieval period.

    Discover Palermo >
  • Rome

    Thanks to its excellent climate and large number of monuments, impressive buildings and attractive squares, Rome is very popular among tourists.

    Discover Rome >
  • Turin

    Lively and elegant, always in movement, nonetheless Turin is incredibly a city set in the heart of verdant areas: gently resting on the hillside and enclosed by the winding course of the River Po, it owes much of its charm to its enchanting location at the foot of the western Alps, watched over by snowy peaks.

    Discover Turin >
  • Venice

    The large number of canals, narrow passageways, magnificent bridges and impressive buildings make a visit to Venice an unforgettable experience.

    Discover Venice >

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