Lost and damaged luggage

Lost or delayed luggage  

Lost or delayed luggage  

Has your luggage been lost /delayed ?
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Damaged suitcase  

Damaged suitcase

Has your luggage been damaged ?
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Luggage Tracing  

Luggage tracing

Tracing your mishandled luggage - more info



Lost or delayed luggage:

You should report your luggage to be missing before leaving the airport. An eventual claim for direct costs related to this luggage delay can be introduced in writing within 21 days from the date the luggage was received.  Reasonable costs will only be accepted for passengers arriving without luggage in a country other than the one in which they reside. Intervention only granted after 24 hours and against original cash receipts. If your luggage is missing for more than 3 days, you must provide us with a detailed valorised list of the contents of your luggage together with copies of your ticket and luggage label. This will make it easier to search for your luggage. 
In the event that this search remains negative for over 3 weeks, a written claim needs to be sent to Customer Relations, together with invoices, receipts, etc proving the amount claimed and the declared content.

The lost or delayed luggage form


Damaged suitcase:

The damage must be reported before leaving the airport.  Apart from this Damaged Luggage Report a written complaint must be made to the carrier within 7 days. Please enclose copies of your ticket or boarding card, luggage label and repair costs together with this report. If the luggage cannot be repaired, we need confirmation from the repair shop stating the value of the damaged luggage and its date of purchase + purchase invoice and a picture of the damaged bag. If you did not notice the damage immediately and therefore couldn't submit a Damaged Luggage Report, you can still send us a written complaint together with sustaining documents within 7 days. However, the burden of the proof that the damage existed prior to the receipt of your luggage will lie on you.

The damaged bag form


Luggage tracing

We apologise for the mishandling of your luggage. Please be assured that we will do everything possible to assist you in dealing with this considerable inconvenience. Your luggage details have been entered into our worldwide-computerized luggage tracing system. 

You can check your own file here

If any of your details have has changed or if, once you have reviewed your file, you would like to make corrections, please notify us immediately so we can update your file accordingly. It would also be most helpful if you would ensure your name, address and bag description details are correct. This will help us to return your luggage to you quickly.
We will advise you once your luggage has been located and arrange a convenient time for delivery.

Click here to fill in the inventory form

The inventory form can be sent to: 
Brussels Airlines Customer Relations 
b.house - Brussels Airport  
Airport bld 26 box 1a. 4 - Ringbaan 
B-1831 Diegem  
You can also fax it  to +32 2 753 49 31

If you have questions about your missing bag, you can contact our tracing department.