Fares for infants and children

As a general rule, children up to 2 years old are not required to have their own seat and are allowed to travel on parents’ lap. An infant tickets costs 10% of the regular fare. Depending on the destination, taxes and fees may apply. Please note that only 1 baby per adult is accepted. You can choose to buy a seat for your baby at the reduced rates for children if any children’s rate is applicable.

If your child is older than 2 years or turns 2 while you are travelling, you will have to book a separate seat for him or her and book the children fare for the entire journey. Reduced rates apply for children aged 2-11 on most routes, depending on the travel class. Children turning 12 years en route need to be booked as adults for the entire journey.


Reduction for children (2-11 years):

European flights  Intercontinental flights
Check&Go and b.light economy Light&Relax Flex&Fast and b.flex economy+ Bizz&Class and b.business Economy Business
No reduction 20% of the regular fare 20% of the regular fare 20% of the regular fare 25%-33% of the regular fare 25%-33% of the regular fare

Please note that for promotional fares there might be no reduced rate for children.

These arrangements only apply to flights operated by Brussels Airlines. Our codeshare partners may follow a different policy. In case you are travelling with one of our codeshare partners, we invite you to check the website of this partner.