20-24 April: Industrial action by the Federal Police at Brussels Airport (impact on travellers to/from non-Schengen destinations)

Following the announcement of an industrial action at Brussels Airport by the federal police force between 20 and 24 April, we strongly recommend our passengers flying these days to go to the airport on time, especially for flights to non-Schengen destinations. We advise to come to the airport at least 2 hours in advance for shorthaul flights, and 3 hours for longhaul flights.

21-22 April: Public strike in Belgium 

Due to a national 24 hr strike action of the public services in Belgium, all public transport services (train, bus, subway, tram) will be seriously disrupted from 22h on Tuesday 21 April till 22h on Wednesday 22 April. 

We therefore advise you to leave for the airport well ahead of your scheduled departure time, also in case you go to the airport by car, as traffic may be busier than usual. It will also come in handy to book your parking place at the airport beforehand online

At this point we don't expect any impact of the strike on our flight schedule.

We regret any inconvenience caused by these industrial actions.