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Brussels Airlines Economy Class. Your gateway between Europe, Africa & The United States.

With our extended network between Africa, Europe & The United States, our premium service on board and our excellent cabin features, Brussels Airlines Economy Class is your best choice for a comfortable journey.

Global Traveler Award

Your Economy Class experience on the ground:

  • City check-in available in Africa (Kigali, Kinshasa & Monrovia)
  • To/from Africa 46Kg checked-in luggage allowance (2 pieces of max. 23kg each)
  • To/from the US 23Kg checked-in luggage allowance (1 piece)
  • 12Kg (1 piece) hand luggage allowance
  • Miles & More miles: Calculate how many miles you earn on your flight
  • No booking change fee (depending on fare level)
  • Refundable (depending on fares level)

Your Economy Class experience on board:

  • Ergonomic seats with an adjustable leather headrest
  • Generous leg space (33" - 84cm)
  • Revolutionary inflight entertainment system with one of the largest individual Economy Class touch screens (8,9" or 22,6cm)
  • Food & beverages concept, including:
    • A choice of hot meals with a fresh salad, dessert and cheese
    • Complimentary drinks throughout the flight
    • Ice cream
    • Kids items are available

Virtual on board experience


Discover your on board experience already online with this interactive tour of our brand new Business and Economy Class cabins.