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About the airport About Agadir Airport

Agadir Al Massia airport is located 25 km from the city centre.

  • Services:
    • travel agencies
    • bank
    • cafés
    • duty-free shops
    • restaurants
    • car park
    • car rental

Public Transport Public transport

Lost and found Lost and found

Check-in times Latest check-in time

  • Check&Go - Light&Relax: 70 minutes prior to departure
  • Flex&Fast: 50 minutes prior to departure
  • Bizz&Class: 50 minutes prior to departure

Baggage drop-off points close 40 minutes prior to departure (for passengers who check in online and travel with hold luggage).

Ticketing Ticketing office

  • Ticket office type
  • Address
Agadir Al Massia Airport
  • Phones
+212 528 829 881
  • Email