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Flights to United States


The United States of America is full of modern cities, charming villages, breathtaking scenery, sunny beaches and snow-capped mountains. Situated in the northern hemisphere and bounded by Canada, Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, the 50 states cover an area of 9.4 million km2, a lively capital in the form of Washington DC and over 280 million inhabitants, which make it one of the biggest countries in the world.

  • Atlanta

    Atlanta is a city with a large number of museums, theatres, historic buildings and monuments. You certainly won’t be bored here.
  • Austin

    Austin is a dazzling city, in which you can listen to a wide range of music. In the summer, you can have a look at all the bats hanging from the bridge on Congress Avenue.
  • Boston

    In Boston, the average age is 30, thanks to the large number of students. This means that Boston cannot be anything other than a lively city.
  • Chicago

    Chicago is truly a top tourist attraction with a magnificent skyline, world-class museums and the best blues music in the world.
  • Dallas

    The city of Dallas is notorious for the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963, but it is also famous for its skyline with its large number of skyscrapers.
  • Denver

    Denver probably conjures up images of cowboys, saloons and the open prairie, but nothing could be further from the truth. Denver is a modern city with a lot of sights.
  • Houston

    Whenever a manned space flight is launched in America, it is co-ordinated from Houston. However, this city also has much more to offer.
  • Knoxville

  • Las Vegas

    Las Vegas is known to many as the city where anything is possible. Gambling and 5-minute weddings are the most normal things in the world here.
  • Los Angeles

    The city of Los Angeles is well known for Hollywood film stars and the famous Disneyland amusement park.
  • Minneapolis

    Minneapolis is not very well known as a tourist destination, but nature and culture lovers will certainly find much to enjoy here.
  • New Orleans

    New Orleans is a melting pot of cultures that have strongly influenced its architecture, cuisine and culture. Enjoy its special charm …
  • New York

    New York is an attractive and surprising city, a cultural melting pot with hundreds of theatres, a large number of diners and Wall Street, the financial centre of the USA.
  • Orlando

    Both young and old will find something to enjoy in the large number of amusement parks in Orlando. Good time guaranteed!
  • Philadelphia

    Philadelphia has all the facilities that make a modern city attractive to visitors: sights, culture and shops.
  • Phoenix

    Phoenix receives a lot of tourists in the winter in particular, while in the summer, the city tends to be a stop-off point for people travelling to other destinations.
  • Raleigh Durham

    In the eastern United States, there are two relatively unknown cities: Raleigh and Durham. It is therefore high time for people to find out more about them.
  • Rochester

  • Sacramento

    Major point of transportation and distribution during the “Gold Rush”, Sacramento is located at the intersection of both the American and Sacramento rivers.
  • San Antonio

    San Antonio has that typical Texan feel, which can make for a wonderful holiday experience.
  • San Diego

    San Diego is a city that greatly appeals to tourists, who will certainly be attracted to southern California by the warm weather and the beautiful parks.
  • San Francisco

    San Francisco is frequently described as the best holiday destination by experts, and who are we to contradict them?
  • San Juan

    The island of Puerto Rico, a jewel in the Atlantic Ocean, with the magnificent city of San Juan is a major tourist attraction.
  • Santa Ana

    Santa Ana is a friendly city in southern California that is popular among tourists for its fantastic location and pleasant atmosphere.
  • Savannah

  • Seattle

    Seattle, the biggest city in Washington State, is best known to the public for its grunge music and as the birthplace of the guitarist Jimi Hendrix.
  • Syracuse

  • Tampa

    Sun, sea and sand… Tampa, on the coast of Florida, is a dream come true for sun worshipers and water lovers alike.
  • Washington

    Washington has beautiful buildings, charming residential districts, a large number of free museums, culture, entertainment and, of course, political power.

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