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Plusgrade: Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I’m upgraded ?

We will notify you via e-mail 72 hours prior to your flight’s departure time and your credit card will be billed with the amount you offered. When you check-in for your flight you will receive your new upgraded boarding pass.

What happens if I’m not upgraded ?

We will notify you via e-mail, you pay nothing and keep your original ticket

What happens if I have to cancel my flight after my offer has been accepted ?

If your original ticket is refundable, the amount of the upgrade will be refunded to the credit card that was used to pay for the upgrade. If your ticket is non-refundable, the upgrade will not be refunded.

Will the upgrade allow me to collect more frequent flyer miles ?

You will collect frequent flyer miles according to your original booking class. The upgrade only concerns the service type . The fare conditions of your original ticket remain in efect, including cancellation policies, change fees and rules relating to the accrual of frequent flyer miles.

What happens if I cancelled my offer but I changed my mind or if I would like to change my credit card information?

You can submit a new offer by clicking on the appropriate link in the cancel e-mail you received from Plusgrade. To change the credit card information, you must first cancel your request and then re-submit the offer via the link in the cancel e-mail from Plusgrade

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