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Flights to Nairobi

The middle of Nairobi is a modern business centre with international hotels. You will need to visit the weekly Masai market for local culture.

Nairobi is not just the capital, since it is also the administrative, economic and cultural centre of Kenya. The National Museum is a major attraction. This shows you how people lived in the past and provides information about the people of modern Kenya and their struggle for independence.

Opposite the National Museum, there is Snake Park, which is an attraction for snake lovers. You can also visit the beautiful Jain Temple just outside the centre.


Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
17:00 22:20 SN9554/9552/453 X
17:30 22:20 SN9554/9552/463 X
17:30 22:20 SN9554/9552/453 X
18:30 22:20 SN4140/463 X X
18:30 22:20 SN4140/453 X X X
18:30 18:05 SN4140/5107/5147 X X X X X
18:30 18:05 SN4140/5111/5147 X X X X X
18:30 18:05 SN4140/5113/5147 X X X X X
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