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Flights to Bilbao

The Santiago Cathedral and the Guggenheim Museum will be the highlights of your visit to Bilbao.

Bilbao is situated in the north of Spain, in the Basque region. The Guggenheim Museum is the most important tourist attraction. The museum building is an architectural masterpiece designed by the US architect Frank Gehry and built on the site of a former shipyard. This building of chrome and metal houses a fabulous collection of modern art.  

The cathedral and the Basque Museum are also worth a visit. You can really enjoy the local culture in Casco Viejo, a charming old district with a lot of open-air markets. It is always fun to wander around the large number of stalls. 


Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
17:00 14:05 SN9554/9552/3713 X
17:00 22:45 SN9554/9552/3715 X
17:30 13:20 SN9554/9552/3713 X X X
17:30 14:05 SN9554/9552/3713 X
17:30 22:45 SN9554/9552/3715 X X X
18:30 13:20 SN4140/3713 X X X X X
18:30 14:05 SN4140/3713 X X
18:30 22:45 SN4140/3715 X X X X X X
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