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Flights to Boston

In Boston, the average age is 30, thanks to the large number of students. This means that Boston cannot be anything other than a lively city.

Boston is one of the oldest cities in America, a cultural melting pot and a true university town. One of Boston’s attractions is its friendly “village” atmosphere, even though it is a big cosmopolitan city. The most important sights are to be found along the Freedom Trail. You certainly won’t want to miss Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market, Old North Church and Paul Revere House. 

Boston’s cultural attractions include one of America’s leading orchestras, the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Another attraction is the Museum of Fine Arts and the JF Kennedy Library is the place to be for Kennedy fans. On the other bank of the river, there is Cambridge, which is actually a different city, but is certainly worth a visit because of its cafés, bookshops, galleries and its fascinating entertainment facilities.


Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
06:00 14:35 SN7090/7238 X X X X X X X
06:00 19:55 SN7090/7236 X X X X X X X
06:50 14:35 SN2816/7017/7238 X X X X X
06:50 14:35 SN2816/7001/7238 X X X X X
06:50 18:20 SN2816/7053/7240 X X
06:50 18:20 SN2816/7051/7240 X X X X X
06:50 18:20 SN2816/7055/7240 X X X X X
06:50 18:40 SN2816/8801/8833 X X X X X
06:50 19:55 SN2816/7017/7236 X X X X X
06:50 19:55 SN2816/7001/7236 X X X X X
06:50 19:55 SN2816/7003/7236 X X X X X
06:50 19:55 SN2816/7005/7236 X X X X X
06:50 19:55 SN2816/7019/7236 X
06:50 23:20 SN2816/515/8901 X X X X
06:50 23:20 SN2816/8801/8901 X X X X
10:25 14:35 SN7124/7238 X X X X X X X
10:25 19:55 SN7124/7236 X X X X X X X
11:30 19:55 SN2810/7005/7236 X X X X X
11:30 23:45 SN2810/515/8901 X X X
11:45 19:55 SN2810/7005/7236 X X
11:45 23:20 SN2810/515/8901 X
11:55 19:55 SN7192/7236 X X X
14:15 19:55 SN7088/7236 X X X X X X X
19:25 14:35 SN7122/7238 X X X X X
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