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Flights to Yaoundé

Over the past few years, Yaoundé has transformed itself from a peaceful, sleepy colonial settlement to a friendly, lively city with a lot of sights and local markets.

Yaoundé, which is the capital of Cameroon, has a population of about 1 million. The city is situated in the hilly western part of Cameroon, about 160 kilometres from the Atlantic.
Essential sights include the “Centre Artisinal”, which is a covered marketplace where local artists sell their masterpieces, the Benedictine Monastery with the Museum of Cameroon Art and, in the west of Yaoundé, the Museum of Black Art.

To have a nice meal or paint the town red, you should visit the Messa, Mokola and Briqueterie districts in the north of the city.


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06:50 20:45 SN2268/367 X X
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11:30 20:45 SN2258/367 X X
11:30 22:55 SN2258/369 X
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