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Flights to Basle

Basle is situated on the Rhine, on the border with France and Germany. This city has a wide range of museums and is not far away from the Black Forest and the Vosges mountains. 

The River Rhine flows through Basle, dividing the city into two parts, connected to each other by bridges. The north of the city has less of interest to tourists, since it is mainly dominated by Swiss industry. In the southern part of Basle however, there are a large number of tourist sights, including the Basle Cathedral, the city hall and the oldest university in Switzerland.

Basle is situated at the point where Switzerland, Germany and France meet. It is therefore an ideal starting point for a trip through Switzerland or for a visit to the Black Forest, the Vosges or the Jura mountains. However, you can also set off on magnificent hikes along the beautifully maintained footpaths in the countryside around Basle.


Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
06:50 16:55 SN2268/2705 X
11:30 16:55 SN2258/2705 X
18:15 07:35 SN2260/2701 X X X X X
20:55 07:35 SN2264/2701 X X X X
06:50 18:05 SN2268/2705 X X X X X
11:30 18:05 SN2258/2705 X X X X X
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