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Flights to Dakar

Dakar is a lively, dynamic city with charming markets, a bustling street life and beautiful warm and sunny weather.  

Dakar is the capital of Senegal and has a population of about 2 million. It is situated on the most westerly point of the African mainland. You can wander through wide boulevards lined with luxury villas and stroll through narrow alleyways and slum areas. You can enjoy magnificent architecture from the French colonial period interspersed with modern buildings.

Dakar is best known for its large number of markets. In every little square, you will find stallholders displaying their goods. You can buy charming souvenirs at the tourist markets, since the local markets are geared more towards food. You should certainly try a “bissap”, the traditional drink made from hibiscus leaves.


Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
06:20 15:40 SN7108/7002/205 X
06:20 15:40 SN7108/7002/203 X X
13:50 15:40 SN7102/7016/203 X X
13:50 15:40 SN7102/7000/203 X X
13:50 15:40 SN7102/7002/203 X X
13:50 15:40 SN7102/7010/203 X X
13:50 15:40 SN7102/7012/203 X X
13:50 15:40 SN7102/7014/203 X X
13:50 15:40 SN7102/7000/205 X
13:50 15:40 SN7102/7002/205 X
13:50 15:40 SN7102/7010/205 X
13:50 15:40 SN7102/7014/205 X
18:25 15:40 SN7104/7016/203 X X
18:25 15:40 SN7104/7000/203 X X X
18:25 15:40 SN7104/7002/203 X X X
18:25 15:40 SN7104/7014/203 X X X
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