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Flights to Gothenburg

Gothenburg is an attractive green city, with a large number of sights, restaurants and cafés. The best time to visit is during spring.

Gothenburg, which is Sweden’s most European city, was founded in 1621 by European immigrants. Just like Venice, Bruges and St Petersburg, Gothenburg was built on a network of canals. The large number of canals have been left over from the time of Dutch rule. Water is important for the city, since Gothenburg’s harbour is the biggest in Sweden. 

The view is magnificent from Alsvborgsbron Bridge, which links the city centre with Hisingen, one of Sweden’s biggest islands. Liseberg amusement park is worth a visit, especially with children. Other sights include the Gothia Towers and the statue of Karl IV Gustav, the founder of Gothenburg.


Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
14:15 22:20 SN3246/2319 X X X
07:30 17:40 SN6522/2317 X
07:30 22:20 SN6522/2319 X
08:30 17:30 SN6502/7053/7115 X X X X
08:30 17:30 SN6502/7055/7115 X X X X X X
08:30 17:40 SN6502/2317 X X X X X
08:30 18:35 SN6502/7005/7193 X X X
08:30 18:35 SN6502/7019/7193 X X X X
08:30 21:05 SN6502/7053/7075 X X X
08:30 21:05 SN6502/7055/7075 X X X
08:30 21:05 SN6502/7057/7075 X X X
08:30 22:20 SN6502/2319 X X X X X
08:30 23:05 SN6502/7005/7069 X X X X X
08:30 23:05 SN6502/7019/7069 X X X X X X
08:30 23:05 SN6502/7007/7069 X X X X X X
08:30 23:05 SN6502/7009/7069 X X X X X X
13:20 22:20 SN6506/2319 X X
13:20 23:05 SN6506/7007/7069 X X
13:20 23:05 SN6506/7009/7069 X X
14:15 23:05 SN3246/7009/7069 X X X
17:00 22:20 SN6524/2319 X X X X X
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