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Flights to Vilnius

Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is a green city with a large number of picturesque streets and squares and magnificent architecture.

Vilnius is situated on the River Neris in south-eastern Lithuania and has about 600,000 inhabitants. The historic city centre with its jumble of narrow streets and over 30 churches is a major tourist attraction. The Higher Castle Museum offers you a magnificent view over this Baroque part of the city. 

Castle Street is also a major attraction. This street, called Pilies gatve in Lithuanian, was the main street in the Middle Ages, and still contains a large number of well-preserved palaces and merchants’ houses. To the north of the old centre, there are the New City Centre, with a modern shopping centre, a new town hall and the 150-metre-high Europa Tower.


Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
01:20 14:30 SN3292/2371 X X X X
01:20 13:30 SN3292/7015/7093 X
01:20 14:10 SN3292/7017/7093 X X X X
01:20 14:10 SN3292/7013/7093 X X X X X
01:20 14:10 SN3292/7015/7093 X X X X X
05:00 13:30 SN7356/7093 X
05:00 14:30 SN7356/7002/2371 X X
05:00 23:20 SN7356/7099 X X
05:10 14:30 SN7166/7052/2371 X
05:30 13:40 SN7356/7093 X
05:30 23:25 SN7356/7099 X
07:30 23:25 SN7168/7099 X
08:00 23:25 SN7168/7099 X X
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