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Flights to Newcastle

Newcastle was once an important port, but has changed into a dazzling, fashionable city offering a varied nightlife, historical museums and modern art.

Newcastle, on the River Tyne, has preserved a large number of historic buildings, mediaeval churches and bridges that create a pleasant city centre showing the wealth of times gone by. Hadrian’s Wall and the Durham Cathedral, which was built by the Normans, are certainly worth a visit. Newcastle has about seven bridges. The most recent bridge is the Gateshead Millennium Bridge, a real architectural gem. 

You should see the St. Nicholas Church, a church that was mostly built in the 13th century. Castle Keep is another tourist attraction. This castle, which gave Newcastle its name, is known for the ghost that haunts it. Newcastle has a large number of museums, most of which can actually be visited free of charge. The Baltic Mill, a museum of modern art with six floors, is one of the most recent additions. 


Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
01:20 10:15 SN3292/4413 X X
01:20 20:50 SN3292/4417 X
05:00 20:50 SN7356/7002/4417 X
05:00 20:50 SN7356/7018/4417 X
05:00 20:50 SN7356/7004/4417 X
05:00 20:50 SN7356/7006/4417 X
05:00 20:50 SN7356/7010/4417 X
15:50 10:15 SN3290/4413 X
16:10 10:15 SN3290/4413 X
16:30 10:15 SN7112/7016/4413 X
16:30 10:15 SN7112/7014/4413 X X
17:20 10:15 SN7110/7062/4413 X X
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