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Flights to Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt or the Garden City as it is popularly known has become the capital of the booming oil industry in Nigeria in recent years, which turned the village into a big thrilling city.

Situated along the Bonny River, Port Harcourt is an important national trade port and is conveniently located at less than an hour from the country's capital of Lagos.

Average temperatures in Port Harcourt range from 23°C-33°C with the Harmatton - dust-carrying winds- cooling down the temperatures between the months of November and March. Rainfalls can be exceptionally heavy in June. Let yourself be amazed by one of the many markets selling fabrics, traditional carvings, paintings, leather and much more. Try a delicious "Suya" at the side of the road, and wash it down with a local Guinness or Maltina.

Go see the Izumini River, or explore the amazing night life; Port Harcourt is known for it's many great bars, clubs and restaurants, some with a very Western influence.


Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
06:20 18:30 SN7360/7228 X X X X X X
06:35 18:30 SN7360/7228 X
15:05 18:30 SN7092/7228 X X X X X X
15:10 18:30 SN2372/7017/7228 X X X X
15:10 18:30 SN2372/7009/7228 X X X X
15:10 18:30 SN2372/7013/7228 X X X X
15:10 18:30 SN2372/7015/7228 X X X X
15:10 18:30 SN2372/7011/7228 X X
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