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Flights to Austin

Austin is a dazzling city, in which you can listen to a wide range of music. In the summer, you can have a look at all the bats hanging from the bridge on Congress Avenue.

Austin, the capital of the State of Texas, is situated on a number of hills along the Colorado River. The city was founded in 1838 and was initially called Waterloo. The main industries of Austin are computers, steel and furniture. Agriculture is also an important source of income for the population of approximately 450,000.

The appearance of the city is mainly determined by the Capitol, which is built with pink granite. It was built following the model of the Capitol in Washington, although is about 90 metres higher and somewhat larger. The Governor’s Mansion, a museum of the history of Texas, is also worth a visit. Two important streets in Austin are Congress Avenue, an enjoyable shopping street known for its thousands of bats, and Sixth Street, a mixture of restaurants, shops and clubs. 


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