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Reduced Mobility

Wheelchairs & other mobility devices 

Everything about reduced mobility equipment allowed in cabin.
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Service Animals 

Service animals

Everything about service animals in the cabin.
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Wheelchairs and other mobility devices


Passengers with reduced mobility who depend on a wheelchair, crutches, braces, prosthetic device or medical equipment may carry one of the following items free of charge (in addition to the free hand luggage allowance):

  • 1 collapsible wheelchair (in hold)
  • 1 pair of crutches and/or braces or any other prosthetic device
  • Other medical equipment on which the passenger is fully dependent (e.g. kidney dialysis solution in such a quantity as to cover the journey)


Service animals


Blind/deaf/paraplegic passengers depending on a service animal may travel with their dog in the cabin.

A service animal is a seeing-eye dog, hearing dog or service dog and is accepted in the cabin free of charge, and the weight and size is not restricted. The animal must be prenotified at time of reservation. Please contact our Service Centre.

The dog must:

  • be harnessed and muzzled
  • not be allowed to move around in the cabin
  • not occupy a seat

Exceptions: Service animals are not accepted on flights to/from the UK except Birmingham.


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