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Flights to London

London is difficult to describe. You should therefore take the time to visit and sample the atmosphere of this trendy capital.

In addition to the many pubs and football stadiums, London also has a large number of cultural attractions and sights. Let’s start with the Big Ben, a tower with a magnificent clock that is one of the characteristic sights of London. The London skyline also offers views of the Tower Bridge, the Millennium Dome and the London Eye, world's biggest observation wheel at 135 m high. 

Other tourist attractions include Westminster Abbey, Piccadilly Circus, the London Dungeon and Buckingham Palace. You can wander among restaurants, market stalls and little shops in Covent Garden, which is one of London’s most attractive squares. If you want to buy souvenirs, we recommend a visit to Harrods. Don’t forget to go and see one of the great musicals showing in London’s West End. 


Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
06:35 17:05 SN7394/7004/2095 X
06:35 17:05 SN7394/7002/2095 X X
06:35 17:05 SN7394/7018/2095 X X
06:35 21:35 SN7394/7012/2103 X X
06:35 21:35 SN7394/7004/2103 X X
06:35 21:35 SN7394/7002/2103 X X X
06:35 21:35 SN7394/7018/2103 X X X
06:35 21:35 SN7394/7006/2103 X X X
06:35 21:35 SN7394/7010/2103 X X X
08:50 17:05 SN7120/7054/2095 X
08:50 21:35 SN7120/7054/2103 X
08:50 21:35 SN7120/7056/2103 X
08:50 21:35 SN7120/7058/2103 X
08:50 21:35 SN7120/7060/2103 X
10:10 17:05 SN7118/7004/2095 X
10:10 21:35 SN7118/7012/2103 X X
10:10 21:35 SN7118/7004/2103 X X
10:10 21:35 SN7118/7006/2103 X X X
10:10 21:35 SN7118/7010/2103 X X X
13:10 21:35 SN7086/7058/2103 X
13:10 21:35 SN7086/7060/2103 X X X X
14:00 21:35 SN7084/7012/2103 X X X
14:00 21:35 SN7084/7010/2103 X X X X
16:45 09:25 SN7098/7062/2093 X X
18:35 09:25 SN7398/7014/2093 X X X
18:40 09:25 SN7398/7016/2093 X X
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