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Flights to Montreal

The Canadian city of Montreal is a mix of French and English influences imbued with a typical Canadian atmosphere, making it ideal as a stimulating holiday destination.

Montreal is situated on an island in the Saint Lawrence River with a magnificent view of Mont Royal, a hill of about 230 metres. It is Canada's second city, after Toronto,  and it is the second biggest French-speaking city in the world. Its sights include Place Jacques Cartier, with its well known city hall and statue of Lord Nelson.

Other attractions include Rue St. Paul, which is a living nineteenth-century street, the Marché Bonsecours and the Basilique Notre-Dame. You should not miss out on the Underground. This network of underground streets was constructed in the 1960s to protect people against the extreme climate. It connects department stores, hotels, offices and public buildings with broad underground passageways.


Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
07:25 12:15 SN7128/7016/9551 X X
07:25 12:15 SN7128/7012/9551 X X X
07:25 12:15 SN7128/7006/9551 X X X X
07:25 12:15 SN7128/7010/9551 X X X X
07:25 12:15 SN7128/7014/9551 X X X X
09:45 12:15 SN6415/3802/9551 X X X X
12:05 12:15 SN6410/9551 X X X
12:05 18:42 SN6410/4139/9554 X X
12:10 12:15 SN7076/7016/9551 X X
12:10 12:15 SN7076/7012/9551 X X X
12:10 12:15 SN7076/7000/9551 X X X X
12:10 12:15 SN7076/7010/9551 X X X X
12:10 12:15 SN7076/7014/9551 X X X X
13:50 12:15 SN3816/9551 X X X X
13:50 18:42 SN3816/4139/9554 X X X
16:05 12:15 SN7024/7016/9551 X
16:05 12:15 SN6404/9551 X X X X
16:05 12:15 SN7024/7000/9551 X X X
16:05 12:15 SN7024/7014/9551 X X X
16:05 18:42 SN6404/4139/9554 X X X
16:05 12:15 SN7024/7006/9551 X X
16:20 12:15 SN7024/7016/9551 X
16:20 12:15 SN7024/7000/9551 X
16:20 12:15 SN7024/7014/9551 X
16:20 12:15 SN7024/7006/9551 X
19:55 12:15 SN6406/9551 X X X X
19:55 18:42 SN6406/4139/9554 X X X
23:05 12:15 SN6417/3802/9551 X X X
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