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Flights to United Kingdom


England is the biggest country in the United Kingdom and is also the best known among tourists. England, famous for its tea, rain and hearty breakfasts, is the ideal destination for a weekend trip or a longer stay. England has something to offer all tourists, whether it be culture, nature or history. You can take a walk through woods, over hills and along beaches or visit one of the large number of small islands.

  • Birmingham

    Birmingham has everything that a tourist could wish for: culture, history, beautiful parks and a large number of museums. It is an ideal destination for a city trip.
  • Bristol

    Bristol has everything to offer tourists: it is exciting and unique, with its own traditions and history.
  • London

    London is difficult to describe. You should therefore take the time to visit and sample the atmosphere of this trendy capital.
  • Manchester

    Manchester is a cool English city with a large number of interesting sights. It is also home to Manchester United, one of Europe’s greatest football clubs.
  • Newcastle

    Newcastle was once an important port, but has changed into a dazzling, fashionable city offering a varied nightlife, historical museums and modern art.
  • East Midlands

    East Midlands is a great region in the western part of England. It overwhelms visitors with beautiful houses and castles, charming markets and magnificent gardens...
  • Edinburgh

    Edinburgh is the capital and the cultural center of Scotland. Thanks to its acropolis it’s often called the ‘Athens of the north’, but the beautiful city has much more to offer...

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