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Unaccompanied Children

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Children travelling alone are in safe hands. We accompany them throughout the flight, from the time that you say goodbye to them at the start of their journey to the time they are collected by family or friends at the destination airport.

This arrangement applies to children from 5 to 12 who are travelling without an adult (= minimum 18 years of age). There are two exceptions:

  • A child between 3 and 5 years old, accompanied by a person between 12 and not having reached the 18th birthday, providing the 'unaccompanied minor'- procedure is applied for both.  

  • Young passengers aged between 12 and 18 may also be accompanied at the express request of their parents or guardian.    

Charges for Unaccompagnied Minor service

Sector/Flight segmentAmount
Within Europe€ 40 or USD/CAD 60
Intercontinental€ 80 or USD/CAD 120

Please note: In Switzerland we don’t apply the converted flat rate from EUR to CHF for Unaccompanied Minors fees, but a flat rate which is the same for the whole Lufthansa Group in Switzerland.

UMNR flat rates in CHF

  • From Switzerland to Brussels: CHF60.00
  • From Switzerland to Europe: CHF120.00
  • From Switzerland to Africa: CHF180.00
  • From Switzerland to USA: CHF180.00

Examples for the service charge:


Brussels - Rome

€ 40
No change - routing contains only 1 flight segment/sector (within Europe)
Brussels - Dakar€ 80
No change - routing contains only 1 flight segment/sector (intercontinental)
Paris - Brussels -
Tel Aviv
€ 80
The sum per sector: 1 within Europe + 1 within Europe:
€ 40 + € 40 = € 80
Madrid - Brussels -
New York
€ 120
The sum per sector: 1 within Europe + 1 intercontinental:
€ 40+ € 80 = € 120
New York - Brussels - Kinshasa€160
The sum per sector (2 intercontinental sectors):
€ 80 + € 80 = € 160

This arrangement only applies to flights operated by Brussels Airlines. Our codeshare partners may follow a different policy.

Parents of children travelling alone are requested to stay at the airport until the aircraft has effectively left.
For further information, please contact the Service Centre of Brussels Airlines.

Please don't forget to check locally with your government if there are any special travel documents required for children travelling alone.

Travel documents required for unaccompanied minors (passengers aged between 5 and 14 years traveling alone) of Italian nationality who undertake trips abroad:

All children of Italian nationality who have not yet attained the age of 14 years must travel with a personal passport or a certificate or birth certificate with photo, duly endorsed by the police (Questura) and valid.

Under the amendements to the law 1185/67 introduced by decree of 25.11.2009 the above documents must be accompanied by a custody declaration by both parents or legal guardian of the child, also endorsed by the police.

In the custody declaration shall bear the name of the person, institution or transportation company to which the child wille be entrusted.

In case the child is part of a school group, it will simply be asked to indicate next to the name of the designated responsible "School leader from xxxx school" to avoid that any last minute changes can cause problems before the departure.

Extract from the law 1185/67 - Art. 14 – Paragraph 2, 3:

Art.2 "For children under the age of fourteen, the use of the passport is subject to the following conditions: if they are travelling together with one parent or guardian, who is mentioned in the passport, or if they are traveling alone together with a statement made by those who can give consent or authorization within the meaning of Article 3, letter a), the name of the person, institution or transportation company to which the children are entrusted."

Art. 3 "Such declaration must be endorsed by local police station (Questura) responsible to issue the passport."


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