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Flights to Alicante

The city of Alicante is the capital of its own province and it is also the second most important city in the Valencia district of Spain. The city on the famous Costa Blanca has recently transformed itself from a rundown old town into a stylish city, with its new harbour complex, clean beaches, outstanding museums, exceptional shops and buzzing nightlife.

Alicante appeals to many travellers who wish to take a break from their busy lifestyles in order to visit this sunny, easy going, sea port city. Tourists can not only relax along the stunning beaches but also discover the great historical monuments the city has to offer.

Although Alicante has reinvented itself into a modern city with endless entertainment, it has not lost its Spanish roots. With its warm and friendly inhabitants, its traditional festivities lighting up the city all year round, and its fresh sea-food paella dish straight out of the deep blue Mediterranean Sea, the city of Alicante has the right balance for everyone.


Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
06:50 13:20 SN2104/3771 X X
06:50 16:10 SN2104/3771 X
10:05 16:10 SN2094/3771 X
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