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Flights to Stockholm

Stockholm is a peaceful international city with an abundance of parks, palaces and other monuments, which make it a major tourist attraction.

Stockholm is situated on Sweden’s southeast coast. The city is built partly on the mainland and partly on 14 islands. There are about a dozen other islands offshore, that are referred to as the Archipelago. Most tourists love the charming old town of Stockholm, Gamla Stan, on the small island of Ridderholmen. It is a jumble of narrow mediaeval streets, squares, mansions and palaces. 

Gamla Stan offers an abundance of sights, for example the Royal Palace, the Cathedral, the Parliament Building or the Mediaeval Museum. Art lovers should certainly visit Vasa Museet, which is the most visited museum in Sweden, and Millesgarden, the famous sculpture garden of Carl Milles. Kungliga Slottet, the biggest palace still in use in the world, is another major attraction. 


Departure Arrival Flight Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
17:55 11:40 SN502/2303 X X
17:55 12:15 SN502/2303 X
17:55 15:15 SN502/2305 X
17:55 19:20 SN502/2307 X X X
17:55 21:35 SN502/2309 X X X
15:55 11:40 SN7231/7016/2303 X
15:55 12:15 SN7231/7000/2303 X
15:55 15:15 SN7231/7000/2305 X
15:55 15:15 SN7231/7002/2305 X
15:55 15:15 SN7231/7018/2305 X
15:55 19:20 SN7231/7016/2307 X
15:55 19:20 SN7231/7000/2307 X X X
15:55 19:20 SN7231/7002/2307 X X X
15:55 19:20 SN7231/7018/2307 X X X
15:55 19:20 SN7231/7006/2307 X X X
15:55 19:20 SN7231/7004/2307 X X
15:55 21:35 SN7231/7016/2309 X
15:55 21:35 SN7231/7000/2309 X X X
15:55 21:35 SN7231/7002/2309 X X X
15:55 21:35 SN7231/7018/2309 X X X
15:55 21:35 SN7231/7006/2309 X X X
15:55 21:35 SN7231/7010/2309 X X X
15:55 21:35 SN7231/7004/2309 X X
17:25 15:15 SN7235/7052/2305 X
17:25 19:20 SN7235/7052/2307 X X
17:25 19:20 SN7235/7054/2307 X X X
17:25 21:35 SN7235/7052/2309 X X
17:25 21:35 SN7235/7054/2309 X X X
17:25 21:35 SN7235/7058/2309 X
21:45 19:20 SN7233/7006/2307 X X X
21:45 19:20 SN7233/7004/2307 X X
21:45 21:35 SN7233/7006/2309 X X X
21:45 21:35 SN7233/7010/2309 X X X
21:45 21:35 SN7233/7004/2309 X X
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