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International security rules apply on what you are allowed to carry in your hand baggage.
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Everything about liquids.
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Baby Food Products

Everything about baby food products.
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Medicines and Dietary Supplements

Everything about medicines and dietary supplements.
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International security rules apply on what you are allowed to carry in your hand baggage.

It is allowed to take small quantities of liquids under below mentioned conditions :

  • in individual containers with a maximum capacity of 100 millilitres
  • the containers must be packed in one transparent re-sealable plastic bag of not more than 1 littre capacity per passenger

Important information regarding hand luggage: Following Russia’s Federal Air Transportation Agency’s instructions, all liquids, gels and sprays including personal care products are not allowed to be carried in hand luggage on all flights departing from Moscow until 21 March 2014. We ask you to transport these items in your checked luggage.





Liquids (even in containers of more than 100 ml) purchased within 24 hours preceding your flight in the airport shops
located beyond the passport or boarding pass checkpoints, that are packed with the ticket in a special sealed transparent
bag. However, you are not to open this bag before you reach your final destination, otherwise its contents may be
confiscated at the security checkpoint.

Other liquids and gels purchased in the tax-free shops of another community airport or on board an EU flight can be taken into the
cabin as long as they are still in the sealed transparent bag.

Liquids purchased in the tax-free shops of a non EU airport
or on board a non EU flight however are not allowed into the cabin even if they are packed in a sealed, transparent bag.

Any liquids & gels purchased in one of the bars and/or restaurants before you pass the security checkpoint are not
allowed into the cabin. Liquids & gels purchased in one of the bars and/or restaurants beyond the security checkpoints
however are allowed into the cabin.

Liquids include:


  • water and other drinks, soups, syrups
  • creams, lotions and oils>
  • perfumes
  • sprays
  • gels, including hair and shower gels
  • contents of pressurised containers, including shaving foam, other foams and deodorants
  • pastes, including toothpaste
  • liquid-solid mixtures
  • mascara
  • any other item of similar consistency


Baby Food Products


Baby food products (both formula milk and jars) are allowed for use during the flight (or for use on the same day at most). At the security checkpoint you may be asked to taste the foods to prove that they are indeed baby food. However, boiled water (to be mixed with formula milk powder) in quantities over 100 ml are not allowed in the hand baggage.



Medicines and Dietary Supplements


Medicines and dietary supplements for use during the flight are also allowed. Ask your doctor for a certificate to prove their necessity.


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