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Feedback from our guests

So far I have always been impressed by the overall quality of service, including on my transatlantic flights. Brussels Airlines is one of my favourite airlines with a great personalized approach.

Thank you Brussels Airlines for showing courage in the face of hard times: flying to Ebola countries when others don’t. Keeping the air-bridge allows for tons of medical supplies and aid to reach the affected regions and provides the possibility for health workers to come and go as needed. We need more companies like you to help us fight the Ebola crisis!

There was an emergency situation on board of the plane which needed medical attention and a diversion to Amsterdam. The crew handled the situation in a very professional way and the plane landed very fast. Good to know that the staff is well prepared for a situation like this. Even though this caused a delay everybody felt good about the situation. Thanks!

Your staff is wonderful and extra polite. I would like to steal them for my company. Seriously, I was wondering if I could: great knowledge of languages, extra hospitality approach (beyond customer service), always smiling…