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      Enfidha desert

      Surprising Tunisia.

      History, culture and adventure. That's Tunisia! Ready to go camel trekking and discover Berber villages?

      Enfidha alley

      Enfidha, a crown jewel.

      An enchanting town located between Tunis and Sousse, not far from the beautiful Gulf of Hammamet.

      Enfidha market

      Lose yourself in the souk.

      Traditional Tunisian clothes, original souvenirs, excellent artwork and handicrafts... Visit the souk for an unforgettable shopping experience.

      Flights to Enfidha, Tunisia

      Contrary to popular belief, you can’t sum up Enfidha as being just sun and sand. It also possesses a wealth of historical and cultural riches. It is less than an hour’s drive from other famous tourist spots, such as the Monastir Marina or the city of Sousse with its numerous historic sites.

      So don’t wait a moment longer, and book your Brussels Airlines ticket to Enfidha!

      What do to around Enfidha?

      1. Yasmine Hammamet is a magnificent hotel resort, where it is pleasant to stroll along the marina lined with bars and boutiques. There are also lots of shops and a fantastic amusement park, Carthage Land!
      2. Mahdia is a pleasant little town with superb beaches. It’s an excellent family excursion, particularly for children: the water gets deeper very gradually, so they can swim safely!
      3. Port El Kantaoui is known as the Tunisian Saint-Tropez. With all the shops, boats, and landscapes to look at, the time will fly by. It’s a good place to start when visiting inland Tunisia.
      4. Skanes will delight water sports enthusiasts. With its white sandy beaches and perfect conditions for surfing, you’ll be able to enjoy some sport and relaxing!
      5. The city of Sousse is world famous for tourism. It combines entertainment with culture, including its museum which contains many incredible treasures for you to discover!

      Practical information for your trip to Enfidha

      • Brussels Airlines flights arrive and depart from Enfidha-Hammamet International Airport. Here is an exhaustive list of cities around the airport:
      • City Distance Journey time by car
        Enfidha 12 km 18 min
        Tunis 99 km 54 min
        Sousse 43 km 29 min
        Hammamet 48 km 27 min
        Nabeul 55 km 30 min
        Kairouan 61 km 34 min
        Monastir 65 km 36 min
        Mahdia 105 km 58 min
        Sfax 167 km 90 min
      • Time zone: UTC/GMT+1.
      • Currency: The local currency is the Tunisian dinar. It is impossible to change dinars outside Tunisia.
      • Telephone calls and Wi-Fi: The dialling code for Tunisia is +216. You will have no trouble finding Wi-Fi. Indeed, Wi-Fi networks are available in the airport, and are often in Enfidha’s hotels, restaurants and cafés.
      • Electric sockets: These have a standard voltage of 220 V and are type C or F (European standard). If you use American or British plugs, you will need an adaptor.
      • Travel information: A passport is mandatory, whatever the reason for your stay! However, if it’s an organised trip, an identity card may be sufficient, but you must also provide a travel itinerary from your travel agent. For all information on visas and travel documents, visit the website www.iatatravelcentre.com.
      • Vaccination: There are no mandatory vaccinations for European travellers. For more health information, visit the website www.iatatravelcentre.com.

      What to do and not do in Enfidha?

      • Tunisia is a Muslim country, so make sure you adapt your behaviour and dress to suit local custom, particularly when leaving the hotel. Showing signs of affection in public, such as kissing, is greatly frowned upon by the Tunisians.
      • Arabic is the official language of Tunisia, but almost all locals are bilingual in Arabic and French. The Arabic spoken in Tunisia is similar to the one spoken in Algeria and Morocco, but it differs from the Arabic you can hear in the Gulf area.

      Basic vocabulary of Tunisian Arabic

      • Yes: Naam
      • No: La
      • Good morning: as-salam alaykum
      • Good morning (answer): wa alaykum e-salam
      • Goodbye (leaving): Besslema
      • Goodbye (staying): Alla ysalmak
      • Thank you: Aaeshik
      • Please: Min Fadhlik
      • How much is it? Qadesh?
      • Sorry: Samahhni

      When to go to Enfidha?

      Enfidha’s Mediterranean climate is perfect for going on holiday: the winters are mild and the summers fairly hot. In short, it is lovely all year round, and you’ll enjoy idyllic weather in Enfidha.

      So take sun cream whichever time of year you go, but don’t forget to take slightly warmer clothes for the evening, and something respectable to wear when walking around the city.

      What to eat in Enfidha?

      Tunisian cuisine is delicious. An almost infinite variety of couscous and tagine dishes await you. If you like spicy food then add some harissa, a hot chili pepper paste that comes from Tunisia. Use it in moderation, however, if you don’t want to turn as red as the sauce!
      If possible, avoid drinking water from the tap, and use bottled water only.

      Cultural events in Enfidha

      • Hammamet International Festival (July and August): This is the place to go if you want to hear music from all over the world.
      • Sousse Fairground Festival: This is the occasion to see the best artists at the Ecovillage site which is dedicated to music, art, and entertainment!

      Book your flight to Enfidha, Tunisia!

      Don't wait a moment longer and book your flight ticket to Enfidha with Brussels Airlines. Find our best prices now.

      Book now

      We will start flying to Enfidha as of 28 October 2017.
      Please note we have limited availability for flights to/from Enfidha.

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