About b.ambassador

Brussels Airlines employees have the possibility to let their friends and family fly on our airline with a discount of 15% on the base fare. The ambassador tickets can be booked online on, an easy and hassle-free way for you or your friends and relatives to book attractive discounted tickets. 

To send a promocode to your friend, complete the form available here , enter your details and your friend’s data, we will send him or her a promocode via email. With this promocode the receiver gets a 15% discount on Light&Relax, Flex&Fast, Bizz&Class, Economy and Business to be booked in the course of the year.


  • tickets that can only be sold through Brussels Airlines employees to their families and friends
  • offering 15% discount on the base fare (not on taxes and fees)
  • processed online on through a unique promocode
  • valid on all published fares excluding Check&Go fares
  • valid on Brussels Airlines operated flights only
  • to Europe, Africa,  India, Canada and the USA
  • Travel period: open

Is the discount valid on all fares, also on our promotions?

No, the discount is valid only on Light&Relax, Flex&Fast, Bizz&Class, Economy and Business class. The discount is not valid for group fares.

The only restriction is that your promocodes cannot be combined with other promocodes, be it manual promocodes (received through a partnership, a contest or a fair that have to be manually entered in the booking engine) or hardcoded promocodes (promocode processed automatically in the booking engine e.g. our monthly sales campaign offering discounts up to 30%).

You have a problem with sending your promocode to a friend?

contact us at

What’s in it for me?

Every semester, the three top sellers receive a great prize!