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What type of traveler would describe yourself?

I travel light, cheap, short and a lot. My goal is to see things I've never seen before & taste every local flavour a region has to offer. If there's a bike available, I'll probably ride it.

Which are your go-to websites or blogs to look for destinations tips?

My destinations are always influenced by special offers, promotions & sudden price drops. "bruxx.be" collects them for flights departing from Brussels Airport.

Which apps do you use when you travel?

Tinder! It's supposed to be a dating app, I know. But when you're in a city, just swipe all the hipsters to your right and ask them where you have to be for the best coffee, party or cocktails. If you don't feel comfortable with it, Foursquare works just fine as well.


Brussels Airlines asked me, together with 6 other bloggers, to follow in the footsteps of Belgian's most well-known reporter: comic book hero Tintin! They told me to choose one of their many destinations and dig into it. So I did what every explorer would do. I got on the plane, ordered a coffee, and prepared for the unknown.

Brussels Airlines Reporter


Of all my friends & loved ones, Wannes was the one who most needed a weekend away from home, so I took him with me. He is the type of person that becomes completely happy with nothing but the warmth of the sun, the fresh breeze of the ocean & a cold beer from time to time. I sensed he'd make a good match with our destination.

Partner in crime

Partner in crime


A highly intriguing city. Never before was I in a place that reminded me of so many other cities at the same time. Starting with my birthplace, Brussels, where you might find a completely different world, behind every corner of every street. Tel Aviv has exactly the same thing.

First thing we did, was go to the beach. With the skyscrapers, hotels, and the many outdoor gyms, I suddenly got a flashback to another place I visited this year: Santa Monica & Venice, LA, California, USA.

There's something about imagining the wideness of the sea.

Tel Aviv




When we arrived in Tel Aviv, people were very excited. It didn't rain for weeks, but that day thick clouds were emerging up in the sky. I had booked us a suite at the Townhouse Tel Aviv Hotel, for the price of a standard room. (Thank God for online bargains).

I had no clue what this strange thing was, hanging at the doorframe of every hotelroom in Tel Aviv. Twitter helped me out. It's called a Mezuzah and contains a piece of parchment, with verses of the Torah on it.



As soon as the rain stopped pouring, we did what we do best: Walk around without planning where to go.

walk around

walk around


When getting lost in the older parts of Tel Aviv, we got the feeling we were running around in Agrabah, the fictional kingdom of Disney Classic "Alladin".

Old Jaffa


Every district you cross in Tel Aviv, is utterly different from the last one. It's one of the reasons this place has so many nicknames: The Big Orange, the Non-Stop City, the Gay Capital, Startup City, Smart City, the City by The Sea, the White City, ...

That last name comes from the staggering amount of beautiful Bauhaus buildings.



Tel aviv is a metropolis in permanent development. Skyscrapers are rising by the hour.

Start up


Many artists found different ways to express themselves.

Peace to the world

Peace to the world

Peace to the world


One of my favourite cities in the world is Berlin. I love her roughness, the people living there, free and open-minded spirits, loving the nightlife, drinking & eating. And the fact that: "Berlin ist nicht Deutschland".

Tel Aviv reminded me an awful lot of Berlin. In such a way that I love to say: "Tel Aviv isn't Israël".

A touch of Berlin

A touch of Berlin

A touch of Berlin

A touch of Berlin


A Mediterranean New York.

A Mediterranean New York


Dotan is a very popular Dutch musician, born in Jerusalem. He was thrilled to hear about my upcoming stay in his home country and send me a list full of treasures. Some of them I shared with you, others I will keep to myself.


Sam is the sixth of our 7 Brussels Airlines Reporters. They will all follow in the footsteps of Belgian's most well-known reporter: Tintin! Just like the world famous comic book character, the Brussels Airlines Reporters will leave on an adventure to help you discover the most beautiful places abroad.

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