Terms & Conditions LOOP

The LOOP Loyalty Programme (“Programme”) allows to use LOOPs (“Points”) earned for bookings made by 31/01/2020. The Points can be exchanged by 31/01/2021 for discounts on Brussels Airlines-operated flights at the latest due to Brussels Airlines’ termination of the Programme on 01/02/2020 in accordance with the then valid LOOP Terms & Conditions, as communicated to the LOOP members on 06/01/2019.

The Programme is operated by Brussels Airlines N.V./S.A., having its registered office at Jaargetijdenlaan 100-102, Avenue des Saisons, Postbox 30, 1050 Brussels, Belgium, RPR/RPM Brussels, enterprise number/VAT 0400853488, and having a place of business at b.house - Brussels Airport, Airport building 26 box 1a.4 – Ringbaan, B-1831 Diegem, Belgium (“Brussels Airlines”). For any question relating to the Programme, Brussels Airlines can be contacted at loop.en@brusselsairlines.com.

The Programme is subject to these Terms & Conditions. These Terms & Conditions and the Programme can be revoked, changed or extended at any moment by Brussels Airlines. In such event, the Participant will be informed using the usual communications channels of the LOOP programme, including the Programme website. The contractual provisions will not be archived and will not be made accessible.

1. Definitions

Account: an account is a repository of Points;

Account Holder: a natural person who is responsible for an Account;

Brussels Airlines: as defined above;

Earn Rate: is the rate at which Points are earned in function of eligible spend;

Fraud: A false representation of a fact, whether by words or by conduct, by false or misleading allegations, or by concealment of what should have been disclosed;

Main Account: in case multiple Accounts are linked, all Points accumulated in the linked Accounts will be transferred to the Main Account. The Main Account can be referred to as Household Account;

Main Account Holder: a natural person who is responsible for a Main Account;

Participant: a natural person who is entitled to accumulate Points in the Programme;

Points: is the unit of account used in the Programme, branded LOOPs. Points do not have a monetary value, and cannot be exchanged for cash or other forms of monetary value;

Privacy Policy: as defined in Section 7 of these Terms & Conditions

Programme: a programme branded LOOP, as defined above;

Participant Number: a number which uniquely identifies a Participant;

2. Participation

2.1. Eligibility

Participation in the Programme is limited to natural persons who are at least two years of age and who are resident in a country in which the Programme is offered. The residence is deemed the actual physical home (primary or principal residence) of the Participant. Personal details including residence must be submitted accurately and truthfully and must be demonstrated to Brussels Airlines upon request.

For minors (persons below 16 years old), a guardian (a person who is 16 years old and older) must fully assume the responsibility of administering the Points and the Account of the minor. In case of changes in guardianship or parental rights, either parent or guardian who wishes to challenge the administration rights of the Points will be required to provide Brussels Airlines with court orders indicating which parent or guardian has the legal right to administer the Points of the minor.

Brussels Airlines may refuse admission to the Programme at its own discretion. A legal claim to participation in the Programme does not exist.

2.2. Enrolment

Registration to the LOOP programme is possible only until 31/01/2020.

Points accumulated in an Account are under the full responsibility of the Participant, and this responsibility cannot be shared with other natural or moral persons.

3. Earned Points

Points can only be credited to the Participant’s individual Account for flights or other services the Participant personally utilised. No other individuals or organisations can claim ownership of the Points, irrespective of whether they were ultimately responsible for settling the eligible spend, partially or in full.

3.1. Flight Bookings

3.1.1. General

Participants can earn Points based on eligible spend for booking tickets by 31/01/2020 on Brussels Airlines-operated flights. Bookings made later than 31/01/2020 will not lead to the earning of Points. The Participant has to announce his or her intent to earn Points at the moment of booking, e.g. by providing a valid Participant Number. Retroactive claims for accumulating Points after a booking has been completed are only possible until 31/01/2020.

3.1.2. Eligible Destinations

All destinations operated by Brussels Airlines flights are eligible for the accumulation of Points. Bookings are only eligible for the accumulation of Points provided that all legs of the entire journey are operated by Brussels Airlines. In case part of the journey of a specific booking is operated by another airline, the Brussels Airlines flight of that booking will not be eligible for the accumulation of Points either.

3.1.3. Earn Basis

Only spend related to the fare, and to charges for air transportation and for certain other services provided by Brussels Airlines, is eligible for the accumulation of Points. Other levies, taxes and surcharges are not eligible for the accumulation of Points. Points will be accumulated in the Account of the Participant whose full name and Participant Number appear on the ticket issued. Only spend actually paid to Brussels Airlines is eligible for earning of Points. In case of cancellation, modification, reimbursement or reversal of a booking, the earned Points will reflect the actual spend paid to Brussels Airlines.

3.1.4. Eligible Bookings

Bookings that include redemptions of other bonus programmes, including Miles & More, are not eligible for earning Points. Furthermore, special rates such as benefits to industry channels of the Loop programme, including the programme website.

3.1.5. Earn Rate

The amount of Points that can be earned per Euro, or the Euro equivalent of other currencies, will be announced in the usual communications channels of the Loop programme, including the programme website and will be displayed at the moment of booking. The Earn Rate will be set by Brussels Airlines at its own discretion, based on objective criteria. No rights can be derived from the announcement or the application of an Earn Rate for another booking by the same or a different passenger.

3.2. Points earned with Partners

Participants can use the Points that they earned based on eligible spend for bookings with Brussels Airlines partners Booking.com and CarTrawler according to the same modalities as set out in Article 5 of these Terms and Conditions. Bookings done with these partners after 31/01/2020 will not result in earning Points. Brussels Airlines has no direct influence over the third parties. Brussels Airlines is therefore not responsible for the unlimited availability of the services of such third parties and the proper performance of contracts. The terms & conditions of the third parties shall apply.

3.3. Other Bonus Programmes

In case a Participant is earning bonus points, bonus miles or other units of account in another bonus programme for a specific booking or service, he or she is not entitled to earn Points in the Programme. Furthermore, bonus points, bonus miles or other units of account cannot be converted into Points unless otherwise agreed or published in the Programme documentation or usual communications channels of the Loop programme, including the programme website. The same applies to the conversion of Points to bonus points, bonus miles or other units of account from another bonus programme.

In case of earning Points within a specific booking, the Participant is not allowed to use status benefits of another bonus programme, e.g. Miles & More.

4. Pooling of Points

In general, Points and Accounts cannot be transferred to a third party. The sale, exchange, offer for auction or any other transfer of Points to a third party is prohibited. Also prohibited are negotiations for the sale of Points by Participants or a third party, as well as the unauthorised use of Points. Deviating provisions will be specified in the Programme documentation or the usual communications channels of the LOOP programme, including the programme website.

4.1. General

Points earned for bookings made by the 31/01/2020 by up to five Participants can be pooled towards redemption by 31/01/2021. To this end, the Points earned by the respective Participants will be transferred into one Main Account. Points earned by any of the associated Participants after the linking will be held in in the Main Account. These Points will be under the sole responsibility of the Main Account Holder. It is only possible to create or manage a Household account until 01/02/2020.

4.2. Conditions

In order to qualify for pooling, the Participants must have the same residential address. For the avoidance of doubt, Participants who only share a professional address (e.g. co-workers) or a temporary address, do not qualify for pooling.

4.3. Linking Accounts

A Participant can invite other Participants to pool by 31/01/2020. If the invitee accepts the invitation, the inviter becomes the Main Account Holder, and accepts the responsibility for the Account.

4.4. Delinking Accounts

The Main Account Holder can delink a Participant from the Main Account, as from 12 months after the date of linking, through the Programme website by 31/01/2020. The Main Account holder is able to leave the Main Account by him- or herself after 12 months.

Any Participant can request to be delinked from a Main Account, as from 12 months after the date of linking, by contacting the Brussels Airlines Contact Centre by 31/01/2020.

In case one or more Participants are delinked from the Main Account, all Points earned in the Main Account up to the reception of the delinking request remain under the responsibility of the Main Account Holder; only Points earned after the Participants have been delinked will fall under the responsibility of the respective Account Holders.

4.5. Responsibility of Main Account Holder

The Main Account Holder is responsible for administering the entirety of Points, existing and new, that will be transferred and earned in the Main Account.

5. Using Points

5.1. General

An Account Holder can spend Points at the time of a booking against eligible fares, transportation surcharges, and taxes on Brussels Airlines-operated flights by 31/01/2021.

Brussels Airlines is entitled, at its sole discretion, to modify the modalities of using Points, as long as the equivalent monetary value of the Points is respected.

Usage of Points will result in a reduction of the ticket price for an eligible booking. The amount of reduction will be determined by Brussels Airlines at its sole discretion, based on objective criteria, and will be announced in the usual communications channels of the LOOP programme, including the programme website and at the moment of booking. No rights can be derived from the application and/or the amount of the ticket price reduction upon usage of Points. Retroactive usage of Points, after the completion of a booking, will not be honoured.

5.2. Available Points

Participants may redeem their Points as soon as their Points have been made available for use. The criteria for making Points available will be determined by Brussels Airlines at its sole discretion, based on objective criteria, and will be announced in the usual communications channels of the programme, including the programme website.

5.3. Flight Bookings

5.3.1. Eligible Destinations

Points can be used on any destination operated by Brussels-Airlines flights. Points can only be used provided that all legs of the entire journey are operated by Brussels Airlines. In case part of the journey of a specific booking is operated by another airline, the Brussels Airlines flight of that booking will not be eligible for the redemption of Points either. There are no open-jaw, multi-city or stop-over restrictions.

5.3.2. Eligible Fares

Points can be used for flight fare and applicable transportation surcharges, partially or in full. If the number of available Points in the account is sufficient, Points can be used to fully cover the applicable taxes as well. Other components of the total ticket price, including insurances, levies and surcharges, are not eligible for Points usage. Points can be used for all commercially available fares in all booking classes at the moment of booking.

5.3.3. Eligible Channels

Points can be used using the Brussels Airlines websites.

5.3.4. Ticket Changes, Cancellations

Changes to bookings with usage of Points are permitted, subject to Brussels Airlines standard change conditions. Standard change fees and relevant additional charges (including base fare) will apply. Cancellations to bookings comprising redemption of Points are permitted, as per Brussels Airlines standard cancellation conditions. Standard cancellation fees will apply. The number of Points used for the booking will be reinstated to the Account if the cancellation is made by 31/01/2021.

6. Points Expiration

Points remain valid as long as new Points stemming from new flight activity have been earned in the Account during the last 12 months. Nevertheless, LOOPs earned can only be used until 31/01/2021. If no Points stemming from new flight activity have been added to the Account during the 12 months prior to the 31/01/2020, all Points will expire.

7. General Terms

7.1. Responsibility and Limitation of Liability

To the largest extent permitted by applicable law, and unless in case of serious or wilful misconduct, Brussels Airlines assumes no liability whatsoever, including and without limitation, liability by reason of the termination of or amendment to the Programme in whole or in part, limitations on the use of Points or any change to the structure or the applicable conditions of the Programme. In case a Participant does not accept modifications to these Terms and Conditions, his or her sole remedy will be to leave the Programme.

Brussels Airlines is not liable for the product or service of any partner.

In no event shall Brussels Airlines’ overall liability with respect to the Programme, all liability regimes included, exceed the Points accumulated to the Account at the time the dispute arose.

7.2. Irregularities

Fraud, misrepresentation, abuse, improper conduct (as determined by Brussels Airlines in its sole discretion), or violation of applicable rules (including, but not limited to, Brussels Airlines General Conditions of Carriage, tariffs and Programme rules) may result in administrative and/or legal action by appropriate governmental authorities and/or Brussels Airlines. Such action may include, without limitation, the forfeiture of all Points and/or award travel, forfeiture of any accumulated Points in the Account, deduction of Points, as well as cancellation of the Account and proscription of future participation in the Programme or any other programme administered by Brussels Airlines. In addition, Brussels Airlines reserves the right to take appropriate legal action to recover damages, including attorneys' fees, incurred in prosecuting any lawsuit.

Any violation of such applicable rules as described above includes, but is not limited to, individuals who are disruptive or otherwise threaten or endanger the safety and security of Brussels Airlines crewmembers or other Brussels Airlines customers as described in the Brussels Airlines General Conditions of Carriage and tariffs.

7.3. Right to Audit

Brussels Airlines reserves the right to audit, at any time and without notice to Participants, any and all Accounts to ensure compliance with these Terms and Conditions. If the audit reveals discrepancies or possible violations of these Terms and Conditions or Brussels Airlines reasonably believes that such audit will reveal discrepancies or possible violations of these Terms and Conditions, Brussels Airlines may delay or cancel the processing of travel reward redemption requests, and/or cancel any outstanding award travel, delay the posting of accumulated Points and/or withhold statements until the audit is completed.

7.4. Severability

The invalidity or unenforceability of any provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision of this Agreement, which shall remain in full force and effect.

7.5. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions and the legal provisions connected therewith are subject to Belgian law, unless the application of other national law is mandatory.

7.6. Termination of Participation

7.6.1. Termination by Participant

The Participant may terminate the Participation of the programme in writing at any time. In case of termination by the Participant, all Points in the Account will be forfeited upon receipt of the notice of termination. If a Main Account is terminated, all Points of all associated Participants will be forfeited as well.

In the event of decease of the Participant, all accumulated Points in his or her Account will be forfeited, except in case the Account is a Main Account. In that case, responsibility of all accumulated Points present in the Main Account can be transferred to the eldest associated Participant, upon specific request of the latter, no later than 2 months after the event.

7.6.2. Termination by Brussels Airlines

Brussels Airlines has terminated the Programme on 01/02/2020. All Points earned can be used by 31/01/2021.

Brussels Airlines may terminate the Participation with no termination period for good cause at any time and exclude the Participant for participation in the Programme. Good cause is especially present in the event of a culpable serious violation by the Participant of the Terms & Conditions or any other Programme rules. The same applies in the event of any irregularities or misuse in the meaning of Section 7.2 caused by the Participant. In such cases Brussels Airlines may also block the Participant’s Account. The power to block also exists in the event of objective suspicions of the existence of good cause, and for a time period necessary in order to properly investigate the circumstances of the case.

8. Privacy

According to the provisions of the Belgian Act of 8 December 1992 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, Brussels Airlines provide the Participant with the following information.

The Participant’s personal data are processed by Brussels Airlines N.V./S.A., with registered office at 1050 Brussels (Belgium), Jaargetijdenlaan 100-102/B30 Av. des Saisons, RPR/RPM Brussels (company number 0445692234) in its capacity of data controller of the Participant’s personal data.

Brussels Airlines may transfer the Participant’s personal data to Deutsche Lufthansa AG and Miles & More GmbH, a 100 % subsidiary of Deutsche Lufthansa AG, both operators of the Miles & More programme.

Your personal data are processed in accordance with the LOOP Data Protection policy.

The processing of the Participant’s personal data is performed to provide the Participant with the services for which he or she has registered with us. This includes:
1. processing requests for opening, closing or linking Accounts in the Programme;
2. administering accounts in the Programme;
3. processing the Participant’s requests for information and/or comments;
4. processing, confirmation and management of bookings eligible for accumulating Points, including for fraud control;
5. processing, confirmation and management of bookings comprising a redemption of Points, including for fraud control;
6. for asking the Participant’s feedback about the Participant’s experience of products and services provided by Brussels Airlines, by companies within the Lufthansa Group, or by business partners (including processors and suppliers, commercial partners in the Programme);
7. for market research, performance measurement, and reporting; and
8. in the measure that the Participant consents, to inform the Participant about products and services in which the Participant is likely to be interested (e.g. to receive news updates on Brussels Airlines and partner products and services via e-mail).

Brussels Airlines will use the Participant’s personal data only for the purposes indicated above.

Subject to the above and except to the extent that communications of personal data to companies whose intervention as data processors, acting on behalf and under the sole control of Brussels Airlines, is required to accomplish the purposes indicated above, Brussels Airlines will not disclose, sell, rent or exchange such personal data to any other organisation or entity, unless the Participant has been notified in advance and explicitly agreed with it, or as otherwise required by law.

Since Brussels Airlines operates globally, the Participant agrees that that his or her personal data may be transferred to locations outside the European Economic Area, including to countries that do not offer an adequate level of protection, such as the US. Brussels Airlines will make all efforts to protect the Participant’s personal data during such transfers including, where appropriate, the use of EC Model Clauses.

The Participant’s attention is drawn to the fact that he or she has the right to access and restrict his or her data and, where appropriate, request rectification of any erroneous data relating to him or her. The Participant may furthermore, at any moment, object by means of a simple request and free of charge, to the future processing of personal data relating to him or her for the purpose of direct marketing. These rights may be exercised by sending an e-mail to privacy@brusselsairlines.com.

Last update: January 2020