Right for refusal

The power to refuse a Person with Reduced Mobility (PRM) and/or MEDA case passenger lies within:

  • The Medical Assistance Coordination Service
  • The station or duty manager (note: at stations with direct flight to/from the U.S. the Complaint Resolution Official CRO shall be consulted)
  • The pilot in command.

Reasons for refusal

The following criteria might lead to refusal of PRM / MEDA cases - even if they received a valid medical clearance:

  • Persons whose condition is such that the trip may possibly result in serious complications or even death.
  • Persons requiring individual nursing or care during flight, if not accompanied by a suitable escort.
  • Persons who, because of their physical or medical condition, might be a threat to the safety of other passengers, their property, the aircraft or crew. And if this threat cannot be eliminated by providing additional aid or service or by other means (e.g. face masks, separate seating)
  • Persons who are in the infectious stage of a disease readily communicable to others in the normal course of flight and if the disease is one that can have significant adverse health consequences (e.g. chicken pox, measles).

Denied boarding

I was denied boarding. What can I do?

If Brussels Airlines was the operating carrier and you were denied boarding, please use our denied boarding form.

If the flight was operated by one of our partner airlines and you were denied boarding, we kindly request you to address your complaint directly to the airlines concerned.