Before the flight

When and how to request special assistance?

Special assistance or special accommodations are available for individuals with special needs on all flights operated by Brussels Airlines.

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Book well in advance

To ensure that we can make the best possible preparations for you, we encourage you to let us know what assistance you will require, preferably at the time you book your flight and no later than 48 hours before departure. If you leave it any later to tell us your requirements, or you don't tell us at all, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide the ideal support for you.

As soon as you book your flight you can help us to ensure that you receive the service you need both in the airport and on board the aircraft. To enable us to make you as comfortable as possible in the terminal as well as on board our aircraft, we require some information from you in advance. If you book your ticket by phone, please tell us about any special needs before your booking is completed. You should do the same if you book at a travel agency.

You can, of course, also book your flight online. After booking online, please contact us to let us know what extra support you will need. 

To make such a request, you can either:

  • Contact Medical Assistance Co-ordination Service
    • Email:
    • Opening hours: Monday till Friday: from 9AM – 4 PM Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays: from 9AM – 1 PM
  • Contact our reservation agents in the United States at (516) 296-9786
  • Visit your travel agent

Depending on your medical condition, Brussels Airlines may also ask you to complete a Special Assistance Form/MEDIF form*. This form is issued by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and ensures that you obtain all the information from the doctor treating you that an airline will require in connection with your flight. Please ask for the form when making your reservation and return it (duly completed) to Medical Assistance Co-ordination Service (via fax no. +32 2 723 3705 or via email at least two working days before your planned departure.

Please note that these phone numbers are reserved for special assistance requests only. The Medical Assistance Co-ordination Service cannot help you with ticket or flight information and is unable to forward your call to another number.

If you need only assistance in the airport, complete the Special Assistance Form

Passengers with certain medical conditions and passengers requiring special care during the flight may be required to provide a medical certificate/MEDIF form*. Depending on the degree of impairment, Brussels Airlines may require a medical document if:

  • The passenger requires medical oxygen during the flight
  • The passenger has a medical condition that creates reasonable doubt that they can safely complete the flight without requiring extraordinary medical assistance.
  • The passenger has a communicable disease that poses a direct threat to the health and safety of other passengers.
  • The passenger is traveling on a stretcher.

Other medical equipment >>

Brussels Airlines is happy to carry passengers with reduced mobility however it may be necessary for a companion to travel with you. If you are traveling alone and you are not in a position to physically assist in your own evacuation in case of emergency because of the severity of your disability, Brussels Airlines may not allow you to travel on the flight.

Requirements for travel companions, guide dogs and other assistance dogs >>

Special requests where Brussels Airlines also requires advance notice are:

  • 72 hours advance notice for use of medical oxygen supplied by Brussels Airlines for international flights.
  • 48 hours advanced notice for use of a respirator, POC or CPAP.
  • 48 hours advance notice for passengers traveling on a stretcher.

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