Add additional services to your booking

You can book additional services to make your travel easier, more pleasant or more efficient, e.g. purchasing additional baggage, selecting your à la carte dining or subscribing to You can also have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions and at our questions about travelling with children.

To get assistance from a Brussels Airlines representative, please contact our Service Centre. Additionally, services like travelling with a pet, using an airport wheelchair or special assistance for an unaccompanied minor can only be booked via our Service Centre. You can find the contact details for your country here below.

If you intend to travel with a firearm, a special request has to be made. If you provide us with the necessary information via our firearms form, we will file this request for you.

You can also take large sports equipment (skiing equipment, bikes, surf boards etc.) on our flights, provided this was requested via our sports equipment form and approved beforehand. Click here to know our rules for travelling with sport equipment and musical instruments.

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