Flights to Greece

Greece is undoubtedly the land of ancient sites and archaeological treasures: the Acropolis in Athens, the amphitheatre of Epidaurus or the reconstructed palace at Knossos, just to name a few. But a holiday in Greece offers you much more than this: spectacular natural sites, modern museums, traditional villages, luxury resorts and some of the best nightlife in the Mediterranean. Mainland, big or small islands? No matter what you choose, you will, without a doubt, enjoy a dream holiday in Greece.

  • Athens

    Athens is an essential tourist destination - it’s rich in major historical monuments, literature and culinary tradition.

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  • Corfu

    It’s easy to understand why Corfu always finds its way into the top 10 Greek islands to visit. The sweeping coastline is peppered with idyllic Ionian villages, while the lush green mountains surround Corfu town and its unique historical treasures. If you’re looking for the most beautiful Greek island, Corfu is a strong contestant for the title.

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  • Crete Chania

    Chania is the second-largest city of Crete, and lies on the north-western coast of the island. It is mostly known for its beautiful Venetian harbour and lighthouse, the nearby beaches and as a hiking transit point towards Samaria Gorge.

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  • Heraklion

    The main city on the island of Crete, Heraklion is the fourth largest city in Greece and the birthplace of Minoan civilisation. On this island, myth meets history and the mountains meet the sea offering you an unforgettable travel experience. Whether you’re looking for a trip back in time, a relaxing break on beautiful beaches, or simply want to enjoy the city’s wild nightlife in modern bars, restaurants and clubs, Heraklion offers you everything you are looking for.

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  • Kalamata

    This ultramodern seaside resort is a paradise for tourists. Whether you visit in the summer or the winter, you’ll find weather just right for enjoying its magnificent beaches and attractive hotel complexes.

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  • Kos

    Get ready to make the most of it, because the island of Kos has plenty of surprises in store. Considered one of the most beautiful islands of the Dodecanese, it has everything you could want: beaches as far as the eye can see, beautiful villages, memorable parties and diverse activities… for starters!

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  • Rhodes

    Rhodes, the largest of the Dodecanese islands in Greece, is everything you’d want from a beach destination. On the island, you’ll find intriguing ancient remnants, wild pinewood forests inland and, of course, a wonderful coastline.

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  • Santorini

    The island of Santorini was once known as “Kalliste”, which means “the most beautiful”, a name it certainly deserves. This volcanic island is surely the most legendary in Greece.

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  • Zakynthos

    With its temperate climate, spectacular white-sand beaches and green valleys, the island of Zakynthos has everything you could hope for.

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