For organisers

In addition to offering your delegates a substantial discount for the travel to the convention, which is a big added value for your convention, we simplify the management of the air travel linked to the conference whereby your delegates book their tickets themselves.

Organisers can either book through our website by using a promotional code for all travel originating in Europe to all our operated destinations or they can book via our call centre by using an access code for all travel originating in Africa to all our operated destinations. A combination of both can be done. You will communicate both codes to your delegates.


  1. Your international congress will take place in
    • (a) Belgium, at least 150 delegates from outside the Benelux will attend the convention.
    • (b) a country with a good link to Brussels Airlines’ route network (e.g our African destinations), at least 200 delegates from Europe will attend the conference.
  2. The discount level for all travel to the convention (delegates / speakers / guests / organisers) will be awarded according several criteria, such as total number of delegates expected to fly with Brussels Airlines, etc.

  3. Your request should be received by Brussels Airlines
    • At least 3 months prior to the event
    • Before any publications related to the event is printed and sent to the delegates and guests
  4. Brussels Airlines must be designated as the exclusive Official Carrier in the airline industry for the event and must be mentioned as such, together with at least Brussels Airlines’ logo, in all publications of the event, including a click-though logo on the website (if applicable) of the event.

  5. The organiser must provide the estimated number of delegates per country upon sending a request for the event.

To submit your request, contact the Sales Benelux department and do not forget to mention the following information:

  • Name of the event/Date/Place (City-Country)
  • Name of your organisation and contact details
  • The expected number of delegates per country (see pt 2 above)
  • The target group (s) of your event: b2b, b2c, sector, etc.
  • Your last event(s) organised: Name/Place/Total number of attendees per country) => The Netherlands, Paris and Luxemburg to be excluded.