Direct Connect options

This is how you benefit from Direct Connect

As a distribution partner, with or without an IATA licence, you can use a new, innovative booking possibility through Direct Connect, which provides you with direct access to the fares of the Lufthansa Group Airlines. Direct Connect is especially well-suited for you if you book large numbers of tickets on the Lufthansa Group Airlines and also wish to offer your customers the full range of fares in future.

Your benefits as a distribution partner:

  • You have direct access to exclusive offers from the Lufthansa Group Airlines – without a Distribution Cost Charge (DCC)
  • You will be using a technologically innovative distribution channel, which also enables you to benefit from future product developments
  • In keeping with your own offer- and service- portfolio, additional services can be flexibly integrated (such as supplementary services and upsell opportunities)

You have the opportunity to integrate Direct Connect into your individual system landscape as you please, so as to guarantee the service process to which you are accustomed, e.g.:

  • Integrated booking and invoice processing
  • Technical linking as the basis for supplementary services (e.g., traveller tracking, monitoring and documentation of carbon dioxide emissions, connection to the accounting systems of corporate customers)
  • Processing of complex travel itineraries (e.g., multi-segment, multi-airline)

Checklist for distribution partners

Does more than one of the following criteria apply to your business? Then Direct Connect is also an excellent new booking option for you.

  • High booking volume with the Lufthansa Group Airlines
  • High percentage of bookings with Lufthansa Group Airlines
  • Small Interline share
  • High percentage of no-touch bookings
  • Ideally, a multi-source environment is available with existing Direct Connect interfaces

Interested in Direct Connect?

  • Contact one of the selected technology partners of the Lufthansa Group directly
  • If you have any questions, please direct them to your known contact at the Lufthansa Group

There are three ways to get direct access to the Lufthansa Group portfolio:

  • Web-based access through or the Farelogix interface SPRK. To this end, you can request an individual Farelogix PCC from the Lufthansa Group.
  • Connection through a third-party provider interface that is already connected to Direct Connect. The advantage to you is that this option allows for accelerated technical connection.
  • Direct connection to the Lufthansa Group. This option may require additional individual time and investment commitment, depending on technical conditions and specific design.

Innovative and flexible: Farelogix, a technology partner of the Lufthansa Group

Direct Connect connects the systems of the Lufthansa Group with your system landscape. The open interface needed for this purpose by the Lufthansa Group (API = Application Programming Interface) is currently provided by the technology provider Farelogix. A suitable technical interface is also needed on your end to connect both systems. Lufthansa has already made arrangements for you with technology providers that can offer you interface solutions and tailor them to your individual requirements.

Lufthansa Group guarantees highest security standard for your Direct Connect

With all technology partners, the Lufthansa Group has signed data privacy agreements based on the European Commission standard, which is higher than the stricter data transmission requirements under the so-called Safe Harbor rule. In addition, we ensure compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) for credit card data, which apply worldwide.