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You can find all practical information regarding lost, delayed or damaged baggage or lost personal property in our baggage specific frequently asked questions.

If you have lost personal property, please contact your arrival Airport Lost & Found desk. All items that were left behind in the airport or on board our aircrafts are collected there.

If your baggage got damaged and you have reported this at the airport, you can just take it to our baggage repair partner who will fix it and send us the bill. Find out here how this service works and if you are eligible. If you did not report the damage to your baggage at the airport, find out here what you can do.

If your bag was lost during your travel and has not been found yet, you can contact the the Lost & Found desk of your arrival airport for an update on its location or check it yourself via the worldwide baggage tracking system.
In case your baggage is still not found after 5 days, please ensure you complete the inventory form and send it to central tracing. We will start secondary tracing of your baggage based on its content.

If you wish to file a complaint with our Customer Relations department, you can fill out the form on the right hand side and a member of our Customer Relations team will get in touch with you to address your concern.

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