D.R. Congo

We are happy to inform you that a delayed payment option is now available for all itineraries departing from an African destination (except Morocco and Ghana). With this option, you will be able to combine the convenience of booking online with the flexibility of completing your purchase at a second stage. At the end of your online booking process, simply select the option “Book now and pay at the ticketing office” and we will hold your booking for a period of 72 hours allowing you to make your payment at one of our ticketing offices in Africa. More info >>

Welcome at Brussels Airlines. Please don't hesitate to contact us through one of the channels below.

City Ticket Office

33, Boulevard du 30 juin,
Kinshasa - Gombe
Tel. +243 99 60 17 000
Opening Hours
  • Monday till Friday: 08h30 to 16h30

Airport Ticket Office

N'Djili International Airport

Main floor ("Rotonde")

Opening Hours
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday: 15h30 - 22h00
  • Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday: 16h30 - 23h00


From Kinshasa To Brussels
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Today
SN358 SN358 SN352
21:00 21:00 21:55
05:10 05:10 07:35
SN359 SN359 SN359
22:55 22:55 22:55
07:05 07:05 07:05

No updates available at this time

From Brussels To Kinshasa
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Today
SN357 SN359 SN359 SN357 SN351 SN359
10:40 10:40 10:40 10:40 10:30 10:40
18:45 21:25 21:25 18:45 20:25 21:25

No updates available at this time