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    Fly to Yaounde

    Beaches, fishermen and coconuts.

    Cameroon’s best beaches are located on the southwest coast. Dugout canoes, great food and pristine sandy beaches will make you feel like you’ve landed in paradise.

    Natural beauty of Cameroon

    Life in the Cameroon Grasslands.

    The Grasslands are a cultural area inhabited by many different ethnic groups and tribes. Head for the heartland of Cameroon and discover some of the lushest countryside of West Africa.

    Flights to Yaoundé, Cameroon

    Spread over seven hills, Yaoundé is located in southern central Cameroon and has approximately 2.5 million inhabitants. Although this capital city is smaller and more tranquil than bustling Douala, it’s the nation’s political and cultural centre. Over the years, it has transformed itself from a peaceful, sleepy colonial settlement to a friendly city with lots of local markets.

    Yaoundé is home to some 200 ethnic groups who originate from all over this green country, turning Cameroon into a linguistic jigsaw. It’s also the best starting point to discover the magnificent landscapes, active volcanoes and dense rainforests that Cameroon has to offer.

    So what are you waiting for? Book your flight ticket to Yaoundé today and discover Cameroon with Brussels Airlines!

    What do to in and around Yaoundé?

    1. The Blackitude Museum might be tricky to find, but it is most definitely worth a visit. This little gem pays homage to the tribal heritage of the Grassland region, showcasing masks, sculptures, musical instruments and costumes. If you want to take a guided tour of this private collection, be aware that they are only available in French.
    2. Cameroon’s independence is commemorated by a huge square in the capital city of Yaoundé, known as Place de l’Indépendance. It is filled with flowers and features many original statues. Its highlight is the building of Afriland First Bank, with colourful mosaics representing tribal figures and Egyptian scenes.
    3. The Mefou National Park is a 45-minute drive south from Yaoundé and is run by an organisation established to protect primates in Cameroon. Take a guided tour and learn all about different species, from gorillas to mandrills, who have been rescued from the bushmeat trade.

    Practical information for your trip to Cameroon

    • Brussels Airlines flights arrive and depart from Yaoundé Nsimalen International Airport, the second busiest and largest public airport in Cameroon. It’s located 27 km south of capital city Yaoundé, near Nsimalen.
    • Current local time in Yaoundé:  
    • Currency: The official currency of Cameroon is the Central African CFA franc (XAF). There is no need to bring large sums of cash with you since there are plenty of ATMs in and around Yaoundé. You might also see money changers on the streets (to be recognised by their rubbing their thumb and middle finger at you), but make sure to know the conversion rate up front. They will generally accept euros but some also might exchange your US dollars.
    • Telephone calls and Wi-Fi: The Cameroon country code is +237. In Cameroon there is a decent telephone network throughout the entire country. Wi-Fi network service is limited and only available in hotels.
    • Electric sockets: In Cameroon the power sockets are of type C and E. The standard voltage is 220 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz. If you use American or British plugs, you will need an adaptor.
    • Travel information: A visa is mandatory to enter Cameroon. To obtain a tourist visa, you must meet several prerequisites. Contact the Embassy or Consulate of Cameroon in your country for more information or visit the website
    • Vaccination: Before travelling to Cameroon, the Yellow fever vaccine is mandatory and proof of vaccination is required upon arrival. Cameroon also has year-round malaria transmission, so make sure to bring along medication to prevent malaria infection. For more health information, visit the website

    Dos and don’ts in Cameroon?

    • In Cameroon it is common to eat with your hands, although foreigners may be offered cutlery. If you want to eat like the locals, be sure to use the right hand.
    • It is strongly advised to drink bottled water and to avoid ice cubes in your drinks. Peel your fruit, make sure all your meals are well cooked, don’t drink fresh-squeezed juices and wash your hands frequently.
    • Tipping in Cameroon is customary. Leave an extra 5 to 15% when the service is appreciated, and remember that for some professionals, such as baggage handlers at the airport, it is also their only income.
    • When invited to a Cameroonian’s house, it’s always a good idea to bring some fruit. Unless your host is of Muslim religion, you can also bring whisky or wine. Don’t be offended if gifts aren’t opened right away, and always give with both hands.
    • Take your time to greet the Cameroonians, it should never be rushed. And take into account that there is a hierarchical society in Cameroon, so always greet the elders first.
    • Greeting each other in Cameroon varies between the Francophone and Anglophone area. In both areas it is common to shake hands. While in the Anglophone North, close friends have a unique handshake, in the Francophone South they often embrace each other.
    • Traffic in Yaoundé is very heavy and congested. Using a taxi remains the best solution. Road travel outside the city can be hazardous due to the lack of road maintenance and unqualified drivers. During the rainy season, roads can be flooded or landslides can occur.

    Cultural events in Cameroon

    • In Cameroon, January 1st isn’t just the start of the New Year, it is also the date to celebrate the independence from France, proclaimed in 1960.
    • International Women’s Day is an official celebration in Cameroon. On 8 March, women take centre stage and in major cities such as Douala and Yaoundé, many nightclubs are reserved for them only.
    • Every year on 20 May, Cameroon celebrates its foundation with National Day. On this day in 1972, the country voted to replace the existing federal state with a unitary state.
    • The Sawa, the coastal people of Douala, celebrate Ngondo every first week of December. Among the festivities are a Miss Douala contest, dancing shows and pirogue races.

    When to go to Cameroon?

    Cameroon is located in the heart of Africa, just above the equator, and has both a tropical and equatorial climate. Yaoundé has a tropical wet and dry climate with constant temperatures throughout the year. However, primarily due to the altitude, temperatures are mild for its proximity to the equator. Yaoundé features a lengthy wet season, from February to November.

    What to eat in Cameroon?

    Given that Cameroon is located at the crossroads between the north, west and centre of Africa, its cuisine is one of the most varied on the continent. With the addition of German, French and English influences, European cooking techniques and culture were introduced. Among the specialties are brochettes, ndolé and taro. In some parts of the country insects are eaten.

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