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    Figari and its countryside

    Figari and its countryside

    Visit this quaint, charming and traditional village, surrounded by beautiful mountains and superb vineyards.

    Bonifacio coast

    Bonifacio coast

    Endless waves which hollow out the limestone cliffs of Corsica’s southernmost point, spectacular walks in the heart of the scrublands and magnificent views over the Sardinian coast in Italy, just 12 km away.

    Flights to Figari

    Figari is a town in southern Corsica, located near the ancient medieval fortified citadel of Bonifacio and the coastal town of Porto- Vecchio, famous for its beautiful beaches and its intense nightlife. Nestled between the mountains and the sea, in the heart of a nature reserve, Figari is surrounded by 14 small villages which are well worth a visit to admire the remains of prehistoric civilizations, Roman ruins and medieval chapels.

    Hikers will have a lot of fun discovering the many pathways in the surrounding mountains, some of which lead to typical Corsican farms where you will be offered home-made cheese, charcuterie and the local wine. Figari is regarded as home to the most ancient vineyard in Corsica.

    What to do in Figari?

    1. Although Figari is a beautiful village, don’t stay too long, as there is a lot more to discover in the other surrounding villages. Start with Bonifacio, which is the most popular one. It is a lovely medieval town where you will find a beautiful citadel. Perched on the cliffs, you’ll enjoy a stunning view over the landscapes. It is also worth spending time in one of the three parts of the harbour (fishing, pleasure and boat port), taking your time over a meal or just along the waterside.
    2. Porto-Vecchio is a little bit further than Bonifacio but is totally worth the effort. Its popularity comes from the easy access to both beautiful beaches and high mountain scenery.
    3. Sperone is a name to look out for, where you can find two magnificent beaches, Big and Small Sperone. You won’t be disappointed with its white sand, turquoise-blue sea and warm water. Watch the time, because it passes quickly there.
    4. Your visit to Roccapina will be divided into 2 parts: a hike to reach a viewpoint along the coast and a quiet beach. Generally, people prefer to do the walk first before lazing on the beach. On the walk, watch out for two large rocks that look like animals, a lion and an elephant. At the end of the walk, you’ll come across a stunning view along the coast and if you look below you, you can see your next destination, Roccapina beach.

    Practical information for your trip to Figari

    • Brussels Airlines flies to and from Figari South Corsica Airport, which is 3.5 km from Figari, 23 km from Porto-Vecchio and 21 km from Bonifacio. Porto-Vecchio is the only city covered by public transport (bus). To go to Figari or Bonifacio you need to take a taxi.
    • Current local time in Figari:  
    • Currency: euro. Cards are widely accepted and ATMs are available throughout the city.
    • Telephone calls and Wi-Fi: : +33. There are also a number of free Wi-Fi spots around the city.
    • Electric sockets: Type C and E. France operates on a 230 V supply voltage and 50 Hz.
    • Travel Information: France is an EU member and has signed the Schengen agreement. Therefore, many travellers will only need a passport or appropriate ID card to enter the country and don’t require a visa for stays of less than 90 days. You can find more information on
    • Vaccinations: No vaccinations are required. More health information is available on the website

    Dos and Don’ts in Figari

    • Rent a car because if you stay long in Corsica, you will want to visit several villages and this is the easiest way.
    • The area is well-known for its wineries. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit one of them and taste the excellent wine.

    Essential vocabulary

    • Hello: Bonjour
    • Goodbye: Au revoir
    • Thank you: Merci
    • Please: S’il vous plaît
    • Yes/no: Oui/non
    • Do you speak English?: Parlez-vous anglais ?
    • I would like…: Je voudrais…
    • Excuse me: Excusez-moi
    • Sorry: Désolé

    Cultural events near Figari

    • Festi Lumi in Bonifacio is a light festival where monuments, facades, squares and hidden architectural details are revealed by the enchanting lights.
    • Bonifacio Christmas Market takes place in the port of Bonifacio and is a good opportunity to taste local products and enjoy a free show for adults and children.
    • The Luddareddu in Porto-Vecchio is a gathering where people make small men from straw and, the next day, burn them to celebrate the 31st of July.

    When to go to Figari?

    Corsica enjoys a Mediterranean climate. The temperatures can soar in summer and remain relatively mild in winter. However, there is a lot of wind.

    Corsica can therefore be visited at any season, but if you’re not a fan of intense heat or travelling with a lot of tourists, avoid going there during the summer.

    What to eat and drink in Figari?

    • Charcuterie: prisuttu (cured and salted ham), lonzu (pork loin cured sausage), figatellu, coppa, panzetta… there is a different kind of charcuterie for every taste.
    • The “cédratine”: this spirit is made from citrus zest, sugar, alcohol and natural plant extracts.
    • The “Muscat du Cap Corse”: this Muscat is world-renowned.
    • Panzarotti: sweet donuts made from chickpea flour.
    • Brocciu: is a fresh white cheese made from ewe’s and/or goat’s milk. Corsicans put some in almost all dishes.
    • Storzapretti: balls made of Swiss chard and Brocciu.
    • Brocciu cannelloni: cannelloni can also be made with Swiss chard or “brousse”, it depends on the season.
    • Brocciu omelette: brocciu and fresh mint combined with whisked eggs.
    • Corsican soup: consists of dried beans, green beans, macaroni, kale and panzetta.
    • Aziminu: this is a Corsican version of the “Bouillabaisse”, made of rock fish.
    • Canistrelli: dry, sweet biscuits. They can be eaten for breakfast, as a dessert or as a snack…

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