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    Venice, Rialto Bridge

    Rialto Bridge

    The 16th-century Rialto Bridge is by far the oldest bridge spanning the Grand Canal of Venice. It connects the districts of San Marco and San Polo and is one of the top tourist attractions in the city.

    Venice, Bridge of Sighs

    Bridge of Sighs

    Legend has it that, back in the 16th century, prisoners crossing the Bridge of Sighs (Ponte dei Sospiri) on the way to their prison cells would sigh as they caught their last glimpse of Venice through the tiny windows.

    Romantic Venice

    Romantic Venice

    When visiting Venice, you’re bound to spend a lot of time walking. Don’t forget a pair of good walking shoes to wear as you stroll along the canals and enjoy one of the many osterias the city has to offer.

    Venice, Isola di San Giorgio

    Flights to Venice

    A city of 118 islands, linked by an intricate network of canals and bridges, the Italian city of Venice has a fairy-tale, water-world feel. Often called a 'living museum', this city boasts well-preserved historic sites that are perfect for history buffs to explore. With a unique artistic heritage that’s clear to see in everything from its architecture to its museums and galleries, Venice is also pulsing with contemporary creativity: its vibrant art and film scene make it a haven for creatives.

    The city’s countless boutiques will delight fashionistas, while it’s the dreamlike scenery that makes a weekend in Venice ideal for a romantic getaway, and entices so many newlyweds to take a Venice honeymoon.

    Book your Venice flights with Brussels Airlines today to discover Italy’s canal city.

    What to do in Venice?

    1. Visit San Giorgio Maggiore Island. Famous for its church and Renaissance artwork, it also has a bell tower with breathtaking views of the city.
    2. In Venice, top things to do should always include a boat trip down the Grand Canal. Venice has several sights to see and this is the most relaxing way to see them. Hop onto an iconic Venetian gondola – these traditional, flat-bottomed boats, often luxuriously furnished, are a great way to get a feel for the rich history of the city. If you don’t want to book an expensive gondola ride, just sit back on the vaporetto lines nr. 1 or 2 and enjoy the essence of Venice.
    3. Fashion lovers should head straight to Via XXII Marco, lined with the shops of top Italian designers. For quirkier, less costly finds, Strada Nuova has several unique boutiques.
    4. The only major metropolis that is entirely car-free, Venice lends itself to a good walking tour. It’s the perfect way to discover the architectural heritage of this city and enjoy walking along Venice’s canals. Key sights include the Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti, the Ca' d'Oro and the Ca' Rezzonico.
    5. Go cycling on an island. Several of the islands that make up Venice are free of the hustle and bustle of the city centre. Rent a bike then take the ferry to one of these tranquil islands, like Pellestrina, which is great for a cycling tour.
    6. Venice, St Mark's Square
    7. Explore Dorsoduro. Venice has strongly influenced European art since the 18th century, and Dorsoduro is the city's artiest district. This part of Venice comfortably blends contemporary art galleries with beautiful antique bookshops and stunning architecture.
    8. Contemporary art lovers cannot miss The Punta della Dogana, displaying artworks from the François Pinaut Foundation and offering great views over the lagoon and St. Mark’s Square, The Peggy Guggenheim Collection, housed in the 18th-century palace Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, and Palazzo Grassi presenting major temporary exhibitions.
    9. Visit the Palazzo Ducale, which was the seat of political power in Venice for centuries. It’s near another main tourist draw, Saint Mark’s Basilica, on Saint Mark’s Square – Venice's main square.

    Practical information for your trip to Venice

    • Brussels Airlines flights to Venice land at the main Venice airport Marco Polo International Airport . The airport is located on the mainland. You can reach the city centre by private motorboat or public transport: the ATVO or ACTV waterbuses go directly to Piazzale Roma.
    • Current local time in Venice :  
    • Currency : Euro. Many places will accept credit cards, but having some cash on you is always a good idea for smaller places.
    • Telephone calls and Wi-Fi: The country code is +39. Free Wi-Fi is widely available in public areas.
    • Electric sockets : Types F and L. Standard voltage is 220 V, and standard frequency, 50 Hz. UK or US visitors will need an adapter.
    • Travel Information : Italy is a full member of the Schengen Area. Non-EU citizens require a valid passport with a minimum of 6 valid months remaining. Children travelling with you must have their own passport or ID card. For detailed information on visas and travel documents, visit: .
    • Vaccinations : No vaccinations are required to visit Italy. For more health information visit: .

    Dos and Don’ts in Venice

    • Venice Carnival masks
    • Venice can get extremely busy. To avoid the crowds, book holidays in Venice for the low season, avoiding peak times like Carnival and midsummer. If you’re in the city at those times and want to leave the crowds behind, then head for Dorsoduro or Castello – the most low-key districts in the city, with some charming Venice boutique hotels.
    • Don't expect a buzzing nightlife. Venice is known as a city whose denizens are early to bed. Nonetheless, during the evenings and earlier part of the night, there are a number of cocktail bars and cafés with a mixture of cool drinks, music and atmosphere.
    • If you want to be close to the most popular spots, especially on shorter Venice city breaks, stay in the San Marco district. It’s the most populated, but very convenient as it’s in the middle of all the main attractions.
    • Do be polite. When in Venice, it is customary to greet sales staff when entering a store.
    • To get around you can take a water taxi called a Vaporetto.
    • Do respect Venice. Do not swim in the canals, do not make picnic stops out of public areas, do not drop litter, and to not walk around in bathing suits. Venice is not a beach, but a unique historical city that needs to be preserved.

    Local phrases & essential vocabulary

    Like several Italian cities, Venice has its own regional dialect that differs from standard Italian. Here are some essential phrases to help you get by (Italian in brakets):

    • Hello: Ciao!
    • How are you?: Come xeƚa?; Come vaƚa? [Come stai]
    • Fine, thank you. And you?: Stago ben, grasie. E ti? [Sto bene, grazie. E tu?]
    • Thank you: Grasie [Grazie]
    • You're welcome: De niente [Di niente]
    • Yes: Si
    • No: No
    • Sorry, excuse me: El me scuxa [Scusi]
    • Do you speak English?: Te parli inglexe? [Parla inglese?]
    • I don't understand: Non capiso [Non capisco]
    • Good morning: Bondì [Buongiorno]
    • Good evening: Bona sera [Buona sera]
    • Goodnight: Bona note [Buona notte]
    • Goodbye: Adìo; Sani [Arrivederci]
    • What's your name?: Che nòme gatu? [Come ti chiami?]
    • My name is...: Me ciamo ... [Mi chiamo…]
    • Pleased to meet you: Piasser de conosserte! [Piacere di conoscerti]

    Cultural events in Venice

    • The Venice Biennale is a world-renowned exhibition focused on contemporary art. It takes place across the city from May to November, and is held every two years.
    • The Venice Carnival takes place in February or March each year. This masquerade event is the city's biggest celebration, drawing 3 million people annually, before the traditional fasting of Lent. A multi-day party, it takes place both on the street and in venues across the city.
    • Held annually in late August or early September, the Venice Film Festival takes place on the Venice Lido, an island in the Venetian lagoon (also known for its famous beaches). The oldest film festival in the world, it screens new, cutting-edge films at the historic Palazzo del Cinema.
    • The Venice Redentore (Redeemer Festival) takes place on the third weekend of July and it’s one of the most important traditional events in the city. It combines religious events, boat parties, regatas and a 45-minutes fireworks show, without doubt one of the most beautiful and impressive fireworks in the word.

    When to go to Venice?

    Winters in Venice are cool, while summertime is warm and humid. Visit in late February-March to enjoy the city's Carnival. January is also a good time to come, if you don’t mind the cooler weather. Why visit Venice in the middle of winter? The weather is mild rather than icy, and apart from during Carnival, there are fewer tourists, which makes Venice accommodation far cheaper. If you want to explore the city in the sun, come between June and September.

    What to eat and drink in Venice

    • Venice restaurants will tempt you with both traditional and modern Venetian cuisine, famous for its fresh, delicious ingredients. One traditional favourite is spaghetti alla busara, a simple pasta-based blend of prawns, onions and tomatoes, drenched in white wine.
    • In Venice, pizza restaurants are also popular and several of the most popular pizzerias offer great alfresco dining in the summer, too.
    • Foodies can source fresh ingredients down at the Rialto Market in the San Polo district and choose from a range of vendors offering top-quality produce at great prices.
    • Spritz , the classic Venitian aperitif, is a mix of white wine, Aperol (or Campari) and a squirt of seltz. This daily ritual for many Veneziani is a must-try.

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