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    Fly to Wroclaw, Poland

    Wroclaw, modern and old

    Located on the banks of the river Oder, Wroclaw offers the best of history and modern culture, combined with a waterside view.

    Visit the iconic Market Square of Wroclaw

    Wroclaw Market Square

    The picturesque Market Square is a must visit for tourists. Its elegant townhouses and the Gothic Old Town Hall with its astronomical clock are quite impressive.

    Bridge to Cathedral Island in Wroclaw

    Ostrow Tumski or Cathedral Island

    Even if you’re not religious, you’ll be in awe of the cathedral, churches, and sacred art found in the oldest part of Wroclaw.

    Flights to Wroclaw, Poland

    Looking for a hidden travel gem in Europe? Then Wroclaw (pronounced: “Vrohts-wahf”) is the place for you! This Polish city is known for its picturesque architecture, with German and Austrian influences, making Wroclaw one of the most picture-perfect destinations. The city has a lively cultural scene and it was even the European Capital of Culture in 2016. Wroclaw’s university is one of Poland’s leading academic institutions. The large student population makes the city a vibrant and innovative location, where there’s always something to do, see, or visit.

    So what are you waiting for? Book your flight to Wroclaw today and discover Poland with Brussels Airlines.

    What to do in Wroclaw, Poland

    1. Wroclaw riverside viewSee the Racławice Panorama. Depicting the battle of Raclawice, it isn’t just a painting, it’s a cyclorama, displayed on the inside of a cylindrical platform, giving you a full 360° viewing experience. Special lighting and other effects are added to create a feeling of realism. The Raclawice Panorama is a whopping 15 m tall and 114 m wide.
    2. Visit the Centennial Hall (Hala Stulecia). This UNESCO World Heritage building was designed in 1911 by Max Berg and is considered a landmark of modern architecture. The building still hosts many events such as exhibitions, operas, sporting events, and concerts. The Centennial Hall is near other popular places such as the Wroclaw Zoo, the Japanese Gardens, and Wroclaw Fountain.
    3. See Wroclaw Fountain’s multimedia show at night. The fountain near the Centennial Hall may look like any other big fountain in a big city, but don’t let that fool you! At night, the fountain comes to life with a spectacular music and colour show. Just keep in mind that the fountain only runs from April to October.
    4. Stroll around the botanical garden. An ideal location for escaping the city. This serene and picturesque garden is worth visiting every season, as many events take place throughout the year, including the pumpkin festival in autumn and the rhododendron festival in spring.
    5. Visit Wroclaw University. It is one of Poland’s biggest academic institutions and its history is strongly intertwined with the city itself. The main university building is open to tourists. One of its most notable attractions is the Aula Leopoldina, a ceremonial hall with an extravagant Baroque-style interior. The Mathematical Tower is another highlight; it has a great view of Słodowa Island and the historical city centre.
      Town Hall or Ratusz
    6. Find Wroclaw’s dwarves. Art graduate Tomasz Moczek placed the first five dwarves around the city in August 2005. Since then, their number has gradually increased to over 350 figurines! Can you find them all?
    7. Relax on the islands of Wroclaw. The river Oder runs through the entire city, which means there are about 120 bridges in Wroclaw. You can find several islets in a wide section of the river. The most popular island is Słodowa, where the locals and students like to go to relax. During spring and summer, it’s the perfect location for a picnic by the waterside. The other islands are Piasek, Bielarska, and Mlynska.
    8. Discover Ostrow Tumski. Located on the east bank of the river Oder, this is the oldest part of Wroclaw. In fact, this is where the city was founded. Ostrow Tumski is Polish for Cathedral Island, and you’ll find an incredible amount of religious buildings in this district.
    9. Visit Market Square (Rynek). Wroclaw’s Market Square is a medieval marvel with many impressive townhouses and the magnificent Town Hall (Ratusz), with its large astronomical clock.



    Want to know what's hip and happening in Wroclaw? Visit the website wroclaw uncut

    Practical information for your trip to Wroclaw

    • Brussels Airlines flights arrive and depart from Copernicus Wroclaw Airport, which is located 10 km from the city centre. You can travel to the city centre by bus or by taxi. If you travel by taxi, make sure you only use official taxis. Alternatively, Uber is also available.
    • Current local time in Wroclaw  
    • Currency: Polish Złoty (PLN). Cash machines are widely available throughout the city and most hotels and restaurants accept credit cards. You can also make use of the many exchange offices (kantors), if you need them.
    • Electric sockets: type C and F plugs (two round pins), suitable for appliances of 230 V – 50 Hz.
    • Travel information: Poland is part of the Schengen Area, meaning that under normal circumstances, EU citizens can travel without a passport. Non-EU citizens must have a valid passport. Citizens of the following countries may enter Poland without a visa: countries of the European Union, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Citizens from other countries require a visa. For all information on visas and travel documents, visit
    • Vaccination: There are no required vaccinations for European travellers visiting Poland. For more health information, visit

    Dos and don'ts in Poland

    • Courteous behaviour is still highly valued in Poland. It’s not uncommon to see men holding doors open for women or giving up their seat for the elderly. Don’t be surprised if men greet women by kissing their hand; this is especially the case for older men.
    • Religion is still important to many Polish people. This means that most churches are still used for their main purpose. If you visit a church, be respectful: dress modestly, keep conversation to a minimum, refrain from entering during mass, and don’t forget to leave a small donation in the box by the door.
    • Tipping etiquette is not as strict as in the US, but tipping is still expected. Leave about a 10% tip in restaurants.
    • When you’re visiting someone’s home, take off your shoes. Don’t worry about having to walk barefoot indoors: you’ll be presented with a pair of slippers to keep your feet comfortably warm and cosy.
    • It’s worth noting that since 2018, it’s been forbidden for the press to use the expressions “Polish death camps/concentration camps” in Poland, as the Polish feel this expression misattributes Nazi crimes to Poland itself.

    Polish survival vocabulary

    Thanks to the university and the many international companies in Wroclaw, you’ll have no trouble communicating with the majority of locals in English. Some locals will also know a bit of German or Russian, though learning a few words in Polish is always appreciated.

    Say "dzien dobry" (hello) and "do widzenia" (goodbye) when you enter and leave a shop, café or restaurant. Alternatively, you can also use the less formal "czesc" (hi/bye). When dining, raise your glass and say "na zdrowie" (cheers)! Before tucking into your food, wish your dining companions "smacznego" (bon appetit). When you’re done, ask "prosze o rachunek" (the bill please).
    When shopping, say "Ile to kosztuje" (How much is it?), when going to a museum, ask "Poproszę bilet" (one ticket please), and when at a bar you can say "Proszę piwo" (one beer please).

    Some other useful words:
    Thank you: Dziękuję
    Please (when giving something to someone): Proszę
    You’re welcome: Proszę bardzo
    Yes: tak
    No: nie

    Events in Wroclaw

    • New Horizons International Film Festival (July-August): An internationally renowned film festival that takes place annually in Wroclaw. It includes a number of open-air screenings in Wroclaw’s main market square.
    • Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (January): The Christmas period is an important time in Poland for giving back to those in need. This event includes several concerts and related activities, the proceeds from which all go to charity.
    • Wratislavia Cantans Festival (September): A music festival focusing on the human voice as a musical instrument. Various forms and genres of vocal-based music are presented, such as vocal recitals, choir performances, and oratorio music.

    When to visit Wroclaw

    Wroclaw has a continental climate and thanks to its location in the Silesian Lowlands, it’s one of Poland’s warmer cities. Winters are moderately cold, but it’s not unusual for the weather to dive well below freezing in January. This means snow is quite common in wintertime. Summers are comfortably warm and sunny and the warmest month is July.

    The summer months are the most popular travel months for Wroclaw, though the weather is also enjoyable during spring and autumn, as Indian Summers are a common weather phenomenon in Poland.

    What to eat in Poland?

    Polish cuisine is best described as simple, honest, and hearty, with plenty of dishes that are fuel for the soul. Some must-try dishes are zurek, a typical sour soup with meat, potatoes, eggs, and vegetables. It’s sometimes served in a bread bowl and each region has its own version of the dish. Other typical dishes include potato pancakes (similar to rösti), kopytka (similar to gnocchi), cabbage rolls and pierogi. Pierogi are the Polish equivalent of dumplings. They can contain a variety of fillings, including cheese, meat, cabbage, or even fruit. And of course, you can't leave Wroclaw without trying barszcz (a sour soup made from beetroot), which is one of Poland’s most traditional dishes.

    A slice of artisanal bread goes great with a bowl of zurek or barszcz. Luckily, Poland prides itself on having excellent artisanal bread. Don’t miss out on authentic Polish sourdough rye bread!

    If you can find oscypek, it’s a delicacy worth trying. Oscypek is a smoked cheese made from salted sheep's milk, exclusively made in the Tatra Mountains of Poland.

    Travel tips from our staff

    Cécile works in our marketing department. She lived in Wroclaw for several years and still goes back sometimes because she adores the city.

    Streetart in WroclawIf you want to try traditional Polish cuisine, the restaurant Kurna Chata is a good place to start. It offers a variety of traditional dishes in a cosy, home-like setting, at great prices. There are also restaurants in Wroclaw that specialise in pierogi. Just look for the word “pierogarnia” in the restaurant name, as that means the restaurant specialises in Polish dumplings. As for cafés, Wroclaw has plenty of lovely places to have a coffee with sweet pastries or cake. My personal favourite is Mleczarnia. I love the cosy, candle-lit atmosphere.

    National Forum of MusicWroclaw has many green spots for relaxing. The botanical garden, for example, is beautiful all year round, but especially during autumn when the leaves turn vibrant red and golden. Or you can find some nice spots near the river Oder, including Słodowa Island.

    Street art is big in Wroclaw. There are plenty of maps available to help you find the most important pieces, but since more and more murals are being created every day, you can simply walk around and stumble upon them by yourself.

    Wroclaw is constantly evolving. Each time I visit, there’s something new to discover. Wroclaw was the European Capital of Culture in 2016 and there are always new architectural gems, such as the National Forum of Music, popping up in the city.

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