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What type of traveler would describe yourself?

Passionated travelers who love to go to various types of destinations around the globe. We have a little preference for Latin America and getaways filled with adventure, nature and encounters.

Which are your go-to websites or blogs to look for destinations tips?

We don't really plan our travels ahead, we like to explore everything live. When we do search for info, we go for the online version of classical paper travel guides and fellow bloggers.

Which apps do you use when you travel?

Above all: the GPS! Always useful when we go for a hike in the Andes and we get lost in the beauty of the environment, or we end up in an unknown city. Besides the GPS, we don't often use apps. We mainly use our smartphone to take pictures and to share them on Instagram.

Barcelona : tips for a memorable city break

Barcelona is an absolute dream destination for a city break. The first time we were going, we stayed for three days, the second time for 5 days: perfect to try out some unusual activities! Today I share my tips, nice places and fun activities with you for a memorable city break in Barcelona: 1 city, 1000 atmospheres.

Barcelona is an amazing city. The first word that comes to mind is "vibrant". Everything creates enthusiasm in this city: markets, boulevards, alleys, museums... Walking through Barcelona means getting attracted to 1001 visual signals and odors. To make it clear from the start: it's not one of the most relaxing destinations. There's plenty to see and to do...

Tapas, Barcelone, gastronomie

You can't leave Barcelona without tasting some tapas!

The 8 main districts in Barcelona

There are many different neighborhoods in Barcelona to get lost in. Below you can find an overview of the 8 most important ones we visited during our stay.

  1. Gòtic

    This is the historic heart of Barcelona. The neighborhood is filled with vibrance thanks to countless restaurants and bars. I especially love the old cobbled streets with houses that seem to date back to a completely different era.


    • Museum of History
    • The Cathedral of La Seu
    • Plaza Real
    • Plaça del Pi and its Gothic cathedral

      Barcelone, église, cathédrale, Pi

      El Catedral del Pi : a true beauty!

  2. Born

    This is also a historic district, filled with cosy little streets. There's a lot of green in the area, it's located close to the beach and it offers you a vibrant nightlife.


    • The Church of Santa Maria del Mar
    • Paseo del Born
    • The market of Sainte-Catherine
    • Palau de la Música Catalana (musical palace)
    • Picasso museum
  3. Barceloneta

    This district has changed a lot throughout the years, especially after the organization of the Olympic Games in 1992, for which a beach was constructed for example. It's very quiet in this area and ideal to relax and taste some authentic tapas.


    • Passeig de Joan de Borbo
  4. Gracia

    Gracia is a popular area with a bohemian, yet trendy edge. You can find a mixture of pleasure and culture in this part of the town.


    • Casa Vincens
    • Plaça del Diamant, de la Virreina, de la Revolucion Rius i Tablet and Plaça del Sol
    • The Central Market of L'Abaceria and the market of la Libertat
  5. El Raval

    This poorer neighborhood has a tough reputation, but gradually seems to get rid of his label as a risky area. It's evolving into a cosmopolitan environment with a strong personality thanks to numerous ancient bars.


    • Rambla del Raval
    • MACBA, (Museum for Contemporary Art)
    • The Hospital of Santa Creu
    • Guell's Palace
    • The markets of Sant Antoni and Boqueria

      La Rambla, Barcelone

      The atmosphere at La Rambla in Barcelona

  6. Vila Olimpica

    This area has undergone a metamorphosis with the arrival of the Olympic Games in 1992 as well. Both a beach and a promenade were welcomed to the quarter and a lot of buildings were added to house the athletes during the Games. Today it's best known for the nightlife in the trendy beach bars.


    • Promenade la Ronda Litoral
    • Poisson d'Or,
    • Parque de la Ciutadella
  7. Montjuic

    Thanks to the Olympic Games and the EXPO of 1929, this district has become a major tourist attraction, and not only because of its panoramic view!


    • National Palace (MNAC) and Montjuic's fountain
    • Montjuic's castle
    • Fondation Joan Miro
    • Montjuic's botanical garden
    • The Olympic stadium
    • Poble Espanyol
  8. Eixample

    This district is divided into two parts: Eixample Esquerra on the left and Eixample Dret on the right. The district was formed in 1860 as an extension (hence the name) of Barcelona for the Catalan bourgeoisie. No wonder it's filled with modern buildings, including a number of architectural gems of Gaudi. Striking is the street map, which forms an almost perfect checkerboard.


    • -Some of the most famous streets and squares of Barcelona: Passeig de Gracia, Plaça Catalunya, Plaza de la Sagrada Familia, Plaza de Gaudi, Avenida Diagonal...
    • Casa Milà or la Pedrera, Casa Batlo, Casa Amatller
    • Sagrada Familia

      Barcelone, Gaudi, Sagrada Familia, Pedrera, Casa Mila

      La Casa Mila (Pedrera) : an impressing facade

5 unusual activities during your city break to Barcelona

Barcelona has many popular tourist attractions, but this is my top 5 of the less obvious activities:

  1. Having dinner at the Boqueria market

    Food almost is a fulltime business in Barcelona. But there is a nice alternative to the many restaurants and tapas bars: markets such as La Boqueria, which have plenty of food stands where you can eat delicious meals on site. Definitely worth mentioning are the butcher stalls! And if there's one bar you must try, it's bar Pinotxo. Make sure to take some patience with you, or arrive well in time, because this bar seems to be overflown each day by both locals and tourists.

    Address: Mercat de la Boqueria, Carrer la Rambla, 89

    Barcelone, Marché, Boqueria

    La Boqueria market

    Jason Experience, Barcelone, jambon, gastronomie

    A typical butcher stall

  2. Gliding through the alleys on a Segway

    Never, really never, I thought this would please me. But I loved it! It was my first Segway experience but certainly not the last one. Yes I know, it's something for lazy people, and exploring the city by foot is much more charming... But still: a segway is super fun!

    I must admit that I do like some speed: the wind in my face, my hair blowing in every direction ... a Segway doesn't go any faster than 12km/h, but it feels like you are flying! And I can assure you that you really feel it in your legs after driving around for 2 hours.

    After a very short training on how we could keep our vehicle under control, we were off to the narrow alleys of the historic districts. From there we rolled through the wide avenues to the sea. It was a great and informative tour with a friendly guide and a small group so we could easily move everywhere.

    Address: Baixada Caçador, 6 (Gothic)

    Website: Barcelona Segway Tour

    Barcelone, Segway

    Flying to the streets of Barcelona!

  3. Exploring the Jamon Experience

    Do you want explore something else then buildings of Gaudi and art museums? Off to the Jamon Experience! We really loved our visit, from the first second till the last one. And I can tell you one thing: you definitely want to eat some "jamon" after your visit!

    It's not just "jamon" you'll get to know, but the one and only "Jamon iberico"! In each of the different spaces, you'll learn more about the basics of this world renowned gastronomic product. And of course the visit can't end without a small tasting. The ultimate reward! We received a small plate holding different sorts of "jamon", but we preferred the "Guijuelo bellota" and the "Pedroches bellota".

    Adres : Rambla de les Flors, 88-94

    Jason Experience, Barcelone, jambon, gastronomie

    The one and only « Jamon Experience »

    Jason Experience, Barcelone, jambon, gastronomie

  4. Discovering the less obvious works of Gaudi

    Gaudi realized no less than 14 masterpieces in Barcelona. Everybody knows the Sagrada Familia, but did you ever hear of the Torre Bellesguard?

    • 4D-cinema

      This small cinema is definitely worth a visit! You don't only discover the less known works of Gaudi, but his whole fascinating world. His thoughts, his influences… it's a fairytale of stone, ceramic and metal.

      Address : Carrer Larrard, 41

      Barcelone, Gaudi, Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell

      The 4D-cinema of Gaudi : a must do!

    • There's more than just Gaudi alone

      The Catalan architecture, known for its modern style, is much more than Gaudi alone. There's more than enough proof: Casa Amattler, the hospital of Sant Pau… If you do like art in general, you're at the right spot to get to learn more about artists like Pablo Picasso and Juan Miro.

  5. And also...

    Barcelona has so much to offer, so here are a few more tips:

    • Visit "Refuge 307": one of the shelters that were built during the Spanish Civil War (located in the Poble Sec district, between the Passeig de Montjouic and Nou de la Rambla Street)
    • Take the "Tramvia blau", a journey through time during which you can admire the beautiful houses of the Tibidabo Avenue.
    • Or why not pay a visit to the Erotic Museum of Barcelona? (At the Rambla)


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