Unite with Belgians at Tomorrowland and win a trip to Belgium


Brussels Airlines and Tomorrowland have one mission: bringing people together. That’s why we present you the Unified Flags. A beautiful blend of your own national flag and our Belgian flag. This is a flag of friendship. A symbol of togetherness. Use this Unified Flag to connect with Belgians and get in the game to reunite with your new Belgian friends.

How can I participate?

Snap a picture with a Belgian while carrying your Unified Flag

Share it on Instagram with #BrusselsAirlinesUnitesTheWorld

That’s it! You’re in the game to win a Hi Belgium pass to reunite with your brand new Belgian friend and discover more of our country together!

Contest rules

Article 1 - ORGANISER

Brussels Airlines SA, having its corporate headquarters at Avenue des Saisons 100-102, Box 30, 1050 Brussels, registered in the Belgian company register (“Banque-Carrefour des Entreprises”) under the number 400.853.488, organises this contest without any obligation of purchase. Brussels Airlines is hereinafter referred to as “Organiser” or “Brussels Airlines”. The present rules describe the course of the contest and set out the conditions of participation.


This contest is open to all natural persons present at Tomorrowland 2017, with the exception of the Organiser’s staff members working in the commercial departments, the Organiser’s directors, and all other persons who have contributed to the organisation of this contest, as well as the family members of the categories of natural persons listed above. The contest runs on the internet via https://www.instagram.com Minors may also participate in this contest provided that they have received prior consent from their parents (or guardians). The fact that a minor participates in the contest is taken to imply that they have obtained this permission. The Organiser reserves the right at any time to request written confirmation of such parental consent and to exclude minors who cannot submit this confirmation immediately or within a reasonable time limit to be determined by the Organiser.

Participation in the contest is free of charge, and there is no obligation to make any purchase. Apart from individuals, teams may also participate in the contest, provided that each team member meets all of the above criteria. In the case of team participation, a person in a private capacity must be appointed, who will act as the team’s representative.

Each person or team can only submit one entry. Participants must guarantee at any time that they are the author of their entry and holder of all rights relating thereto. Entries must be self-made, self-invented, and self-produced. They must be the participant’s own original design. The Organiser reserves the right at all times to eliminate a participant from the contest if not all requirements and obligations as described in the contest rules are met, or in the event of abuse, misrepresentation, or participation in the contest in bad faith.


The contest will run from Friday 21 July to Sunday 30 July 2017 at 11.59 pm. The purpose of the contest is to unite the people on Tomorrowland and capture this moment on a photograph. The Organiser must have received the submission posts no later than 30 July 2017 at 11.59 pm. Any submissions received after this deadline will be disqualified. Any dispute regarding the time of receipt of a submission will be settled on the basis of the time of receipt as recorded by the Organiser’s server. Incomplete submission forms will be considered invalid. Sending several submissions from a single e-mail address will void all submissions from that e-mail address. The Organiser reserves the right to personally present the prize to the winner and to use the name(s) of the winner(s) as well as photographs taken during the award ceremony for promotional purposes. By participating in the contest, participants automatically accept that the Organiser will be entitled to use the name(s) and photographs of the winner(s) without the Organiser having to obtain prior permission from the winner(s) or having to offer any form of compensation. All entrants accept that the materials they submit will remain at the Organiser’s disposal and may be freely used for publication, commercial, and non-commercial purposes without any territorial or time limitation. The contest participants waive all copyrights to their submitted materials. As a result, the Organiser will have the exclusive rights to the designs and may use them freely for promotional purposes of any kind. The Organiser will not be held responsible for any claims or complaints regarding violation of rights or damage to the designs caused by third parties. The Organiser will automatically become the owner of the submitted materials, which will not be refunded or returned. The winner, by virtue of having submitted the design concept, waives all rights thereto, including intellectual property rights. The act of submitting automatically entitles the Organiser to copy, reproduce, modify, exhibit and/or use the submitted design concept for media, commercial, and publicity purposes. Participants declare on their word of honour that their submission is the result of their personal creativity and labour and, to the extent that they have been able to ascertain, that no third-party copyrights have been infringed. By submitting an entry, participants confirm that they have read and understood the contest rules and agree to them. The submitted designs must be free from any intellectual property rights so as to avoid legal disputes which may arise from inclusion of existing copyrights and registered trademarks in the designs. The Organiser declines any form of responsibility in this respect. It is not for the Organiser to verify that submitted designs meet the above requirement.


Each of the selected #brusselsairlinesunitestheworld posts will be evaluated by a jury.

Article 5 - PRIZE

Besides eternal fame, the 3 winners will each receive 2 Hi Belgium passes. The winner is responsible for having valid travel documents for the flight. The Organiser may check these documents and refuse transport if they turn out to be invalid. All costs incurred by a participant in order to create their design, as well as the cost of submission, will be at the participant’s expense. The prize can only be awarded to the winner and is not transferable. Teams may only submit one design each, and only one prize can be awarded per team, regardless of the number of team members. By participating in the contest, participants accept all provisions of these contest rules without any reservation. Participants who wish to obtain a copy of the full contest rules may request this from Brussels Airlines, accompanied by a self-addressed and sufficiently stamped envelope.


The decisive assessment criteria are: - On the picture itself there has to be a Unified flag present (or two flags from two different countries). -The most original picture will win.


Any dispute concerning the interpretation of the present contest rules as well as any situation not covered by these rules will be settled by an internal jury established by the Organiser.

Article 8 - THE JURY

The jury is appointed by the Organiser and is made up of persons with relevant expertise and a relevant professional background. Each jury member will have access to the full file without limitation. The jury is entitled to check, or arrange to have checked, the information provided. The jury is entitled to request, or have requested, additional information from the participants or other institutions to which reference may have been made. A jury meeting will be deemed to be compliant with the regulations if at least two members with voting rights are present. The jury reserves the right at any time to make changes to the contest rules if it deems this necessary and/or cancel the contest and/or reject any works that do not comply with the terms of the contest. Any submitted ideas that the jury has judged favourably may be published on websites and/or other media, for promotional and/or media purposes without prior consent. The winning idea will, as a matter of course, be published. The publication will be at the Organiser’s discretion. If none of the ideas meets the jury’s expectations, the Organiser can decide to terminate the contest without determining a winner. The jury cannot be held liable for this decision. The jury’s decision is irrevocable. An appeal will not be possible, and the Organiser will not respond to any questions about this decision, whether written, by telephone, or oral. The jury will not be required to release details of its assessment, nor will it be required to justify its decision. There will be no accountability for the final decision and/or the ideas rejected.


The winner(s) and participants accept that the Organiser may verify their identity and/or place of residence, as notified, at any time. Any false, incomplete, or incorrect information provided in the context of the contest, regarding identity, address (e-mail or postal address) or other items, will automatically result in the disqualification of the participant concerned.


The Organiser reserves the right to suspend, postpone, modify, or cancel the contest as a result of force majeure or any other reason beyond the Organiser’s control (including, but not limited to, technical incidents linked to failure of the computer system used, fraudulent access to this computer system or faults, interruptions or delays in telecommunications networks). The Organiser further declines any responsibility for problems with electronic data transmission which may prevent participants from participating in the contest or entering the contest correctly. Furthermore, the Organiser cannot be held liable for any damage that might arise from the attribution of the prizes. This excludes, among other things, any liability for possible faults in prizes. The Organiser will not accept any complaints about these restrictions.


The Organiser acts in accordance with Belgian Privacy Law (act of 8/12/1992). Consequently, personal data collected from participants during the contest will be processed by Brussels Airlines acting as controller responsible for processing. By participating in the contest, participants give permission for their personal data to be registered in Brussels Airlines’ files. These data will be used to manage the contest and identify the winners. In accordance with the law, participants may review their data stored in the database and have them modified or deleted. Participants requesting deletion of their data in the course of the contest accept that this will automatically terminate their participation, as registration is essential for being maintained in the list of participants.


If, for any reason, any provision of the present contest rules proves to be unlawful, invalid, unenforceable, or inapplicable, said provision shall be deemed to be severed from the contest rules, and the validity of the remaining provisions shall in no way be affected. Provisions thus severed shall be interpreted and/or replaced by means of valid provisions with the same purpose and effect, or else by similar provisions or provisions that approximate the original provisions as closely as possible.


This contest is governed by Belgian law, without regard to the rules governing conflict of laws. Participants accept that any legal action resulting from their participation in the contest or relating to the contest rules falls under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Brussels courts (Belgium), and they agree to submit to the jurisdiction of these courts in connection with any such claim. By participating in the contest, participants accept the contest rules and any decision taken by the jury.