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    How to spend 72 hours in Tel Aviv

    A long weekend is an ideal city trip opportunity. The first cities that probably come to mind for a short getaway are Barcelona, Rome and Lisbon. But just a little bit more to the east, there's a destination that is perfectly suited for a 72 hours trip: Tel Aviv. After a flight of just 4,5 hours you arrive in the perfect combination of beach and culture!

    301 days of sunshine a year, a dazzling nightlife scene and numerous cultural highlights... That's what you can expect of your stay in Tel Aviv. When you take off in the morning and touch down around 15h local time, you have just enough time to freshen up, grab some food and dive into the party scene!

    Party hot spots

    Levontin 7

    A bar and club in one, where you can enjoy various styles from rock over jazz to traditional Israeli music... There's something for everyone!

    Radio E.P.G.B

    Close to Rotschild Boulevard, enter this basement for the best Indie performances in the entire city.

    The Block

    Fans of clubbing will love this place. The setting is pretty nice and they have the best sound system of Tel Aviv.


    Hipster neighborhood Florentine is home to Bugsy: an ideal combination of delicious food, great cocktails and excellent music.

    An afternoon at the beach

    After surviving your first night out, you can start the day with a strong cup of coffee in Old Jaffa. This is the oldest part of town where you can stroll along charming alleys. You also have a breathtaking view on the beaches of Tel Aviv, which you can easily reach via the promenade.

    Tel Aviv

    During your promenade walk you'll discover the beach is divided into many different pieces... 16 in total, spread over 14km of coastline! We present you the best beaches, so you're sure where to spend the rest of your day.

    The nicest beaches

    Gordon Beach

    According to many, this is the most beautiful beach in town. No wonder it's also the busiest one! You will definitely not be hungry or thirsty here, because the promenade is filled with bars and restaurants!

    Trumpledor Beach

    You prefer some calm? In that case Trumpledor Beach will be your favourite spot. You can easily recognize it by a bizarre piece of artwork along the promenade. The only downside is that you'll have to take a little walk before you find a snack or something to drink.

    Metzitzim Beach

    Metzitzim Beach is your best choice when you're visiting Tel Aviv with your children. It's not overcrowded and there are several playgrounds for the little ones. It's best to take a cab to reach is though, because it's one of the most northern beaches of the city.

    Hilton Beach

    Hilton Beach is where the gay scene in Tel Aviv spends their time on sunny days, especially during the weekend. If you go a little bit more to the South, you're at the perfect location to hit the waves.


    Tel Aviv Beach

    Off to Jerusalem

    After a day and a half in Tel Aviv, it's time to discover Jerusalem. The bus will take you there in an hour, and once you've arrived, you can do everything by foot. You can stroll along the 4 city quarters: the Muslim Quarter, the Christian Quarter, the Armenian Quarter and the Jewish Quarter. Many buildings and monuments are worth a visit, but you really can't miss the following five:

    1. The Western Wall, better known as the Wailing Wall
    2. Dome of the Rock, this marvelous golden dome is located just next to the well known Al-Aqsa Mosque
    3. Via Dolorosa, the street held to be the path that Jesus walked, carrying his cross on the way to his crucifixion
    4. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the ending point of the Via Dolorosa and the place where Jesus was burried
    5. The Tower of David, the landmark you can spot from everywhere in town. Are you planning to spend the night in Jerusalem? Be sure to buy a ticket for Night Spectacular, a unique light and sound spectacle!

    When you're in for a shopping spree, you can head to Mamilla Avenue, just outside the old town at the Jaffa Gate. The shops in this street are open daily till 23h, except on Saturdays.


    Practical info for your trip to Jerusalem

    Bus 405 at the Central Bus Station leaves for Tel Aviv every 20 minutes. The station might look overwhelming at first, but if you go straight to the 6th floor, you'll easily find the ticket counter. A single ticket costs 19 ISL (or €4,5) and the bus takes you to Jerusalem in an hour, with only 2 stops. You'll arrive at about 3km from the old town, but there are more than enough cabs ready to overcome this distance.

    A touch of culture

    Before you hop back on the plane to Brussels, pay a quick visit to the Carmel Market: a spectacle of colors and fragrances in the heart of the city. In case you prefer a portion of culture and architecture, you can head to Dizengoff Square, where you don't only find the most colorful fountain of the region, but also the Bauhaus Center, the iconic Cinema Hotel and many more architectural highlights.

    Tel Aviv

    Ready to visit Tel Aviv yourself? Don't hesitate and book your tickets now!

    Book your flight to Tel Aviv