Belfast is one of those cities that may not seem that attractive at first sight, but it's actually one that has so many things to offer. Great shopping, excellent restaurants, amazing music scenery, energetic night life, vibrant culture, astounding history… there is something for everyone.

But what the people in Belfast are really good at, is organizing fun and interactive tours to visit the city, in a non-conventional way. So jump in a cab, put on your running shoes, surprise your taste buds and don't forget to take your camera along. Here are some fun ways to explore the amazing city of Belfast by means of a tour:

1. Game of Thrones Tour

Belfast is not that far away from many well-known filming locations of Game of Thrones. A full day coach tour takes you to the show's dramatic scenery such as Winterfell where you'll find nine GOT filming locations close to each other. Immerse yourself in the world of GOT with stark family costumes and archery, and feel like a Northman for one day. There are several GOT tours available:

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  • Tour of Thrones
  • Stones and Thrones Tours
  • Game of Thrones Filming Location Cycle Tours
  • Game of Thrones Boat Tour
  • Tara Lodge Ice and Fire Offer
Titanic Discover Tour

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2. Titanic Discovery Tour

Explore the history of the world famous Titanic during a one-hour tour in which you visit the offices where the Titanic was designed and see how the ship was built. The tour includes a visit to the Titanic Belfast museum where you can explore the Titanic story, explore the shipyard and uncover fascinating facts about the legendary ship.

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3. Belfast Hidden Tours

The best way to discover a city is by wandering through its streets, meeting the locals and follow insider's tips. The 'Belfast Hidden Tour' takes you on an interesting walk via the city's corners where tourist guides won't easily take you. You will visit curious art, intriguing history and captivating culture. If you want to explore the real Belfast life, meet local artists and historians, and have a comprehensive historical and cultural view of the city, this tour is a true recommendation.

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If you are not really a film fan, or you prefer to explore the beautiful city of Belfast in a more 'active' way, there a many other tours you can choose to go on: