Cross the bridge between innovation and tradition in Bremen


Bremen: not the most common destination for a city trip, but probably the most underestimated one. Via an imaginative bridge you go from the innovative present back to the traditional past, a trip that you - whatever the season - definitely need to undertake. Whether you take a relaxing stroll during summer along the riverside of the Weser or you experience the magical Christmas vibe, the city will charm you in many ways.

The city in north-western Germany thanks its uniqueness to 1200 years of tradition. Clearly proud of its origins, Bremen has found a way to connect this authenticity with sparkling modernity. The wonderful Rathaus (UNESCO-World Heritage) and the famous Bremer Town Musicians are the core symbols of the city, however, Bremen offers you so much more.

To begin with, the city is profoundly proud of its tradition as a trading town, something that can still be noticed throughout the whole city. The historic Marktplatz (Market Place) forms the symbolic heart of the city, a great starting point for an exciting walk around town. Two statues deserve special attention: in the middle of the Marktplatz the symbolic Roland Statue has been personifying liberty and justice since 1404, while the famous statue of Town Musicians depicts the well-known folktale of the Brothers Grimm.

Next, the nicest way to discover the city is by wandering through the small streets of the picturesque Schnoor quarter, the oldest neighbourhood of the city. Along the way you will find lots of bars, restaurants and small stores where you can take a break or have a coffee.

Moreover, Bremen houses a meaningful art scene and not only by several interesting museums, but also by the vibrant expressionist movement centered in the Böttcherstraße. As for museums, the Bremer Kunsthalle is definitely worth a visit: you can observe a wide range of pieces of art, from the 14th century until present-day.

Bremen counts many knowledge-orientated museums such as the Science Centre of the Universe, the Übersee-Museum or the Botanika, where children will have the time of their lives. As a true researcher the city takes you on an adventure of knowledge in an interactive and exciting way. Even adults will have a blast here!

When you have some time left, Bremen’s shopping possibilities are a true joy. Throughout the whole year an incredibly wide range of boutiques, large stores and shopping centres will surprise you, and during the Christmas period a charming and romantic Christmas market will enchant you. Needless to say, even when you are not so keen on shopping, the city will find a way to conquer your heart.

In case you would be hungry, it is easy to find a nice and decent place to eat something:

Schüttinger Gasthausbrauerei

The Schüttinger Gasthausbrauerei (Hinter dem Schütting 12-13) for instance is known for its typical German atmosphere and food. Moreover, next to the fairly large beer menu, they also brew their own beer, something worth tasting!


When you are looking for something more small-scale, the Schnoor quarter is definitely the place to be. For example, the tapas restaurant Ailoli (Schnoor 3) offers enjoyable meals for an honest price in a cosy setting.

Konditorei Stecker

For those having a sweet tooth, the cosy Konditorei Stecker (Knochenhauerstr. 14) is a real must. Pastry is their specialty, so treat yourself with a delicious piece of pie when having a coffee or tea. You can also have breakfast here.